Miri | Lepak Places You Will Love! (Part 1)

Miri City

Miri | Lepak Places You Will Love! (Part 1)

Looking for a great place to just chill, chill with your friends or family? Keep reading. You’re on the right page.

The Oiltown Miri

Image credits to MalcolmAaron

As a millennial, I know quite well that the word LEPAK is the most used word in my vocabulary.

“Aiee, lepak jum.” But where to lepak?

Besides the question “Where to eat?”,

the question “Where to lepak?” is a serious contender for the hardest question to answer.

*LEPAK = Hangout, chill*

Go on, try calling your friend up now and bring them for a lepak session and see for yourself if they can decide right away without thinking twice! Bet on my empty piggy bank, they can’t come up with the answer right away! *laughs*

Sis! I got you covered. So stick around and spare me your precious time for the list of amazing places to hang out  in Miri! (Part 1)


H!CAA by Hilxons21 is one of the favourite spot for Mirians to get their Boba fix, and it’s one of mine too!

H!CAA Miri

Pssstt, have you tried the French Creme Series? One of my favourite series to be honest! The staff will give you the option to add on stuff like pearl or jelly. You can add pearls! *shrieks in Boba* And.. adding Pearl makes the drink more perfect than it already is.

There’s 3 in the series which are the French Creme Matcha, French Creme Milk Tea and French Creme Cocoa. I can’t really say which is the best, ‘cause I’ve tried all, and I love them all.

H!CAA French Creme Series

This is the H!CAA Creme Matcha with Pearl with Truffle Cocoa Cheese. On the left, we have the French Creme Milk Tea. Oh, did I mention, you can also change your sugar and ice level as you please! 

Chapter One Cafe, Miri

Chapter One Cafe Miri

See that wallpaper on my phone, stop doubting yourself! Get up and make your Chapter One visit happen. Besides the scrumptious choices of drinks, cakes, and pastry, you can also play Board games and card games!

What I realize about this place is that Mirian’s love, love, love to do their work, assignment or casual meetings here. I believe it’s the ambiance of the cafe that attracts us.

Psssttt, tea lovers! Do try their Chai Tea Latte. I’m a tea lover rather than coffee, and their Chai Tea Latte is da bommbb~

Coco Cabana, Miri

Looking for a place to just chill and unwind after a long day? Coco Cabana is the place. You can come here with your friends, your families or your baobei! *wink wink* Also, it’s such an amazing spot to take aesthetic, Instagram worthy pictures. You’ll have no trouble getting great shots here.

*Baobei = precious, dear, baby in Mandarin*

Coco Cabana Miri

Other than being a great place to take gorgeous sunset pictures and OOTDs, Coco Cabana also has bike rentals, buskers, food stalls and more in the weekends. It is the hottest place during the weekend for Mirian. It’s alwayss, alwayys, packed here on the weekends.

Coco Cabana Miri Sunset

Image credits to Wilfred Kulleh

Just look at how amazing the scenery is at Coco Cabana! Makes you feel like you’re somewhere overseas but sis be sippin’ on that Coconut Shake, enjoying the sunset, just in Miri! 

Coco Cabana Miri View

Image credits to Wilfred Kulleh

Tusan Cliff Beach, Miri

Other than Coco Cabana, another great place to watch the gorgeous sunset or just chill with your family and friends is the Tusan Cliff Beach, Miri. It’s a 40 minutes drive from Miri. I went there three years back and went there again recently. A lot has changed since. Now, they have stalls that sell coconut shakes, food and many more at affordable price.

Tusan Beach Scenery

Image credits to Grace Rantai

One of the most outstanding attractions in Tusan includes the cliffs in Tanjung Layang-Layang(also known as ‘Horse Stone’ among visitors). If you look closely, you’ll notice that the rocks resemble a horse drinking water, besides several small caves with gorgeous rock landscape along the coast.

Tusan Cliff Beach Miri

P/s Also such a gorgeous place to take OOTDs! If you haven’t got the chance to go here, take time to visit it on the weekends and lepak lah with your friends. Put all the work and all the stress away by going on a short escape to Tusan Cliff Beach, Miri and appreciate the wonders of Mother Nature. Yassss!

Blue Tears at Tusan Cliff Beach

Image credits to Jordan Chong

On top of that, if you go there at night, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get a glimpse of the gorgeous, stunning blue tears!

Container City, Miri

Container City Miri

Last on this list, (first for the Best Place to Lepak Series in Miri ahh~) is the Container City! The vast array of choices for food and drinks here will just leave you clueless on what to order. It’s the best place if you like open space to lepak with your buddies.

Container City also invites local talents to sing during the weekends! If you like listening to people singing while enjoying your food and drinks, go during the weekends.

Also, the decorations here changes depending on the festive season or any special occasions! This was during Raya this year.

The Love Bridge in Container City

This is my favourite by far! The Love Bridge deco was up earlier this year, February. Yasss, it was for Valentine’s Day. The day everybody goes paktor and I’ll be the person in the corner creeping on yall lovebirds. *Kidding!*

*Paktor = To go dating in the Hokkien Chinese dialect*

I think it’s amazing that Container City changes their decoration according to the special occasions, and their deco never disappoint! I can’t wait to see their Christmas decorations for this year!!

Well, guys, that’s all for the list of places to go LEPAK for now! This is only Part 1, expect more from PrimaBuzz as we will help you in solving this “Sine mok lepak?” question okay?

You know what it is, it’s not just any buzz, it’s PrimaBuzz!

If you have any more interesting gems, places that we should feature in our Where to Lepak Series, feel free to drop a comment or DM us!

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