4 Miri Hiking Sites

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4 Miri Hiking Sites

Miri hiking sites are among the many nature-related treasures Miri has to offer. Miri is a trove for nature lovers and the outdoor types.


But why the abundance of lush nature around this gem of a city? Because of the many national parks conveniently located within and around the city. And, the fact that Miri is a quaint, and untouched by mass development.


If you live in Miri but didn’t know this, try getting out more. Check out what this city has to offer especially through its nature. And, if you don’t live here, maybe it’s a good idea to plan a trip here soon.


Miri’s diverse and lush nature experience is one of the best in the world. What better way to check it out than on a hike/ trek right? So here are some of the best Miri Hiking Sites.


1. Historical Field Trip on a Hike @ Niah Caves

niah-cave-miri hiking site

The view of the Great Cave, a group of people on the plank walk trail, a couple exploring the cave, and the cave paintings seen at Painting Cave.


If you prefer a leisurely hike/ trek, Niah Caves is the Miri hiking site for you. Niah Caves is a well known Miri hiking site. It’s also a popular camping site. This Miri hiking site is located within Niah National Park. You should definitely plan a trip here for a fun nature-filled day and an archeological history lesson.


Niah Caves is a popular Miri hiking site given its rich history and that it isn’t too far from the city. It’s located 80 km out of Miri. To get there, you simply need to make a 1 ½ hour drive along the Miri-Bintulu coastal road.


The hiking/ trekking path is of wood plank walk and concrete. And it’s fairly easy to follow. So, you won’t need a guide. Wear the right attire, well-gripped shoes, and bring a flashlight. Then you’re good to go.


The hike/ trek to the first cave, Trader’s Cave is about 3km distance. If you continue on the path, you’ll be taken to the Great Cave Complex, then Gan Kira. The end of the trail is the best part. It ends at the Painted Cave. Where you get to see real caveman paintings. Wow!


Enjoy the leisure hike/ trek with the soothing sounds and sights of nature all around. If you’re lucky, you’ll spot some birds or monkeys. Otherwise, interesting creepy crawlers are common along the plank walk.


So, if you’re a history buff and nature fiend, you have to check out this Miri hiking site.


2. Quick Hike/ Trek at The Heart of Miri @ Canada Hill

canada-hill-miri hiking site

People along the trails on the Canada Hill hike and the view of Miri city from Canada Hill.


What Mirian doesn’t know this Miri hiking site? Canada Hill is the Mirian go-to for a quick morning or evening hike/ trek. It’s located in the center and heart of Miri. Many people know it better as the site of the Grand Old Lady monument.


For a hike/ trek that’s a moderately challenging, you should definitely try Canada Hill. There are a few different trails you could follow. All of them are marked and have steps, rails and ropes to assist you along the way. So, you won’t need a guide. Just a little bit of stamina and endurance.


This Miri hiking site will make you break a sweat. While being fun and refreshing. And, a quick drive away. This makes it really easy to plan an impromptu group trip here any sunrise or evening.


Want to break a quick sweat in the refreshing forest without the hassle of far travel to a national park? Simply drive up to this Miri hiking site at Grand Old Lady.


3. Peace and Solace While Hiking @ Mulu National Park

mulu-caves-national-park-miri hiking site

The mountains Mulu Caves are contained within and various people along the trail and at the peak of the Pinnacles trail.


This Miri hiking site may not be exactly in Miri city but it’s within the district. To get to Mulu National Park, you’ll need to take a 30-minute flight. Or, you could go by road but that would take several hours.


Take note this hike/ trek trip will cost you some. But it’s well worth it! Mulu National Park guarantees world-class hiking experiences far away from civilization. That, many foreigners are willing to fly across continents to experience. Mirians are so lucky to have it a mere 30 minutes away.


Did you know Mulu Caves is a UNESCO World Heritage Site contained within three mountains. Which include Mount Mulu, Mount Api, and Mount Benarat. Another cool fact; Deer Cave also happens to be the world’s second largest cave!


A trip to this Miri hiking site will transport you to a trove of hiking/ trekking experiences. There are a few trails to hike. And all lead to breathtaking ends. The best, as recommended by anyone who’s been, has to be the Pinnacle trail. It’s the park’s top draw.


This steep, rocky hike/ trek isn’t that far in distance. But, ascends 1.2 km up within that distance. So, it isn’t for the faint of heart hiker/ trekker. But the hike/ trek up there brings you to a breathtaking view of the Mulu Pinnacles. Which are razor sharp limestone spike formations that jut out up to 45 meters high from Mount Api. Imagine that view, after the arduous hike. All surrounded by only the peace and solace of nature.


If you plan on going, be sure to train your legs and arms. Because this hike/ trek is a challenging one. Even foreigners who have hiked up to the base camp of Everest call the Pinnacles a challenge. But, if you aren’t fit enough for it, don’t worry. Mulu National Park has multiple other trails to hike/ trek. As well as multiple caves to see that are just as mesmerizing.


To add, the diverse range of nature you’ll spot on the hike will amaze you. Bats, hornbills, primates and interesting creepy crawlers await along the hike/ trek. If you want a world-class hike/ trek right within Miri, you definitely have to go to this Miri hiking site.


4. Go Chasing Waterfalls @ Lambir hills

lambir-hills-national-park-miri hiking site

A hiker at Dinding Waterfall and people along the trails at Lambir National Park.


This Miri hiking site is located in yet another national park within the Miri district. Lambir Hills National Park is one of the most popular Miri hiking sites. Just a 45-minute drive out of the city center, it’s a refreshing eco-retreat perfect for any kind of hike/ trek.


The network of different jungle trails gives anyone an opportunity to explore the rainforest. Even despite their hiking/ trekking capabilities. The trails range anywhere from a breezy 15-minute stroll leading to its well-known Latak Waterfall. To a challenging 4-hour hike/ trek trail up Bukit Lambir. That’s littered with pristine, untouched cascading waterfalls. Which, are sure to make you want to stop, take your clothes off, and take a quick dip to cool off. Then, only continue your hike along this Miri hiking site.


See multiple hiking/ trekking trails, emerald green waterfalls as well as diverse flora and fauna. One of the most diverse flora and fauna ranges in the world to add. Foreigners travel from far and near just to get a taste and sight of what Mirians have in their back yard. All the more reason to check this Miri hiking site out soon!

Have fun and enjoy yourself

Take care to stretch before any hike/ trek. Be sure you have on proper clothing and well-gripped shoes. Pack enough water and snacks in case you need some. Stay hydrated and all the best!

(Feature image via blog.tourism.gov.my)

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