People Plagued by Miri Haze as AQI Reaches Hazardous Levels – Here’s How To Stay Healthy

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People Plagued by Miri Haze as AQI Reaches Hazardous Levels – Here’s How To Stay Healthy

The Miri haze situation has become alarming. Parts of Miri have reached soaring AQI (Air Quality Index) levels in the high 300s. The worst-hit parts are the Kuala Baram, Permyjaya and ILP Miri area. On Wednesday (August 14th) morning, ILP Miri reached a record high of 407! That is the highest recorded AQI since the haze started. 

Miri’s haze is caused by the surge in forest and peat fires around Kuala Baram. It hasn’t rained for a while too. This creates dry conditions. Coupled with strong winds, the fires spread rampantly. 


Forest and peat fires are responsible for the haze in Miri

The authorities have their hands tied in trying to contain the fires. They lack the manpower needed to keep up with the vast spread of fires. Their biggest hope is for it to rain. Allowing continuous downpour that can help contain the fires.

miri haze-forest-peat-fire

Firefighters vigilantly trying to put out the forest and peat fires (Image via

miri haze-forest-fire

The aftermath of the forest and peat fires (Image via Facebook)

The people are choking on Miri haze. Especially those who live in Kuala Baram and the Senadin area. These areas are in close vicinity to the fires. Health clinics have seen a surge in illnesses linked to bad air quality.

miri haze-sun-discolored

The sun looking reddish-orange because of the thick haze (Image via Facebook)

We extend well wishes to those directly affected by the Miri haze situation. If you live near the affected areas, stay safe! Here are a few things you should do to stay healthy and safe in the Miri haze. And, minimize the effects of Miri haze on your health

Drink Lots of Water


Image via Daria Shetsova

It is important to stay hydrated. Temperatures are reaching highs with the lack of rain. Keeping hydrated can boost the immune system. And, avoid contraction of respiratory illnesses. Try to drink at least 2 liters of water a day.

Stay Indoors


Image via Zun Zun

Refrain from any outdoor activity at this time. Being outdoors will leave you vulnerable to Miri haze. The airborne particles are hazardous to your health. Inhaling the particles can cause difficulty in breathing and respiratory infections. Your throat, eyes, and skin will experience irritation too. 

So, stay indoors with the air conditioning on. Remember to regularly clean your air conditioner filter too.

Wear a Respirator/ Dust Mask When Outdoors


Image via Janko Ferlic

However, if you really can’t avoid going outdoors, wear a mask when out. The mask will prevent inhalation of airborne particles from the Miri haze. Be sure to change it regularly. This avoids bacterial growth. And, catching other infections.

Seek Medical Assistance


Image via

Everybody knows this time of year to be ‘musim demam’. The Miri haze situation makes it hard to recover from illnesses quickly. So, if ill, seek immediate professional help. This will avoid prolonged illness. And, catching other infections.

Stay Safe During Miri Haze

miri haze-downtown

The view from downtown showing the haze (Image via Facebook)

miri haze-canada-hill

The view from Canada Hill showing a thick cloud of smog (Image via Facebook)

Hopefully, the Miri haze situation does not worsen. Rainfall is much welcome current situation. The government is urging people not to begin open burning in fear of lighting peat fires. As these fires are very difficult to put out. 

Other parts of Sarawak are experiencing haze as well. Sri Aman recorded an unhealthy level air quality (101-200). Some places in West Malaysia are experiencing haze as well. Open burning in neighboring Indonesia is the cause of haze in other parts of our country. 

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