8 Miri Events To Anticipate in 2019


8 Miri Events To Anticipate in 2019

Miri, what’s good ?


Bidding goodbye to 2018, we welcome the new year with a host of exciting events all around the year in Miri. Miri is known to have many great events, some controversial but still fun! Let’s check out the amazing Miri events that are about to rock Miri this year, shall we?

Miri AfroLatin Fiesta 2019, February 28, 2019 – March 3, 2019

Miri Event AfroLatin Fiesta 2019

We’ve heard of Salsa, tap dance, contemporary, but what is AfroLatin dance? Curious? There will be an event for the AfroLatin dance in Miri!

Miri AfroLatin Fiesta is a dance event that gathers International dance artists from USA, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Luxembourg, Kenya, Australia etc, who will organize Afro Latin dance workshops in Miri.

AfroLatin dances originated from African and Latin background such as Salsa, Semba, Bachata, Pachanga and Kizomba.

These are social dances that you can dance alone, or as a couple and in a group. Let’s dance that stress away and join this fiestaaa. YASSSSSS?


Miri Marathon 2019 – March 17, 2019

Miri Event - Miri Marathon 2019

Miri Marathon is a yearly long distance race held in the Resort City of Miri, offering routes of 42, 21 and 10 km with the goal of cultivating a healthy lifestyle and a passion for running among the people of Miri, young and old alike.

Just like other blooming things or businesses in Miri, the running community in Miri is growing exponentially! Well, that’s because Miri has a strategic location to conduct long distance runs like these.

Other than that, the scenic view along the route makes it even better. The route of 42km will bring participants to pass through the city centre, sea view, villages and etc.


That excitement when you get to join a marathon and finish it. The feeling, is some might say “deeply spiritual”.. gituuu! 

The Miri Marathon was successfully organized by Miri Marathon Association since 2017. Ever since, the event has become one of the Great Borneo Series (GBS). Which is also held alongside the Kuching Marathon and Borneo International Marathon.

Head on to Miri Marathon, you can already sign up!

Sarawakiana Carnival April 26, 2019 – April 28, 2019

Pustaka Miri

This carnival has been around for quite some time. It aims to showcase the roles of Pustaka as the intellectual center that provides long-life learning experiences through history, cultures and arts.

Other than that, it is also to help the youngsters to better understand the history of Sarawak which could be use for their future reference.

Haaaa, rather than just membawang all day. Bring your friends and family to this carnival to know more about the vast array of cultures, history and gorgeous arts. Save the dates!

Membawang = Gossip. Well it ain’t a legit word, but it’s the term Malaysian use to say gossip. 🤣

Miri May Fest 2019 –  May 31, 2019

Miri May Fest 2019

The Miri May Fest 2019 will yet again have numerous, amazing entertainment programs, promotion sales, sport, cultural, recreational and many more activities.

This event is being organised in conjunction with other government agencies, social clubs, non-government organisations and commercial houses in the month of May in conjunctions with Miri City Day 14th Anniversary celebration. Miri City Council is the main coordinator and promoter of Miri May Fest.

The objectives of this event were to promote Miri as a popular tourist destination and to create an opportunity for the people of Miri to come and have fun together like a big family.

Miri City International Deep Sea Fishing Tournament 2019 – May 2, 2019 – May 5, 2019

Miri Fishing Competition 2019

Calling all those who loves fishing!! Another fishing competition is here. If you didn’t get anything the last time you joined, maybe this year is yours! You can do it!


The 12th Miri City International Deep Sea fishing Tournament 2019 is an event jointly organized by the Miri Anglers Club and Ministry of Tourism, Art & Culture, Youth and Sport, Maritim Malaysia, Jabatan Perikanan Laut Sarawak and Miri City Council.

For further information, please contact 017-8029002 via WhatsApp or call.

Email: vincentloks@gmail.com.

Borneo Jazz Festival 2019 – July 19, 2019 – July 21, 2019

Miri Jazz Festival

The 14th Borneo Jazz is an annual international jazz festival, one of the longest  running in the region, that takes place in the seaside city of Miri at Coco Cabana, featuring a vast repertoire of Jazz genres.

The event also holds youth events and outreach events to help local aspiring musicians.

Visitors going to this cosmopolitan city of Miri can use the day to visit the Lambir Hills or the historical Niah National Park located just an hour and two away respectively.  And if you are a scuba diver, the dive sites in the Miri-Sibuti Coral Reefs National Park beckons.  The nearest dive site is a mere 15-min away, just off the coast of the city.

The Borneo Jazz Festival is wholly owned by the Sarawak Tourism Board and organised by No Black Tie.

Bah, on tak onz?


Neon Rush Miri 2019

Neon Rush is a charity event. This running event is also a yearly thing for Mirian. Since the first Neon Rush in 2017, it has gotten more and more attention from runners not only from Miri! Runners from Brunei, Bintulu and Kuching are also loving the Neon Rush. Although last year’s Neon Rush was forfeited due to bad weather condition, the spirit to have another one this year is still great! 

Many are hoping for this event to be held again this year.

Miri Event - Neon Rush 2018

The date for the Neon Rush Miri 2019 hasn’t been announced yet but stay tuned! Let’s see what they have in store for us this year’s Neon Rush.

Neon Beer Fest Miri 2019

Neon Beer Fest Miri 2019

Following the controversial event last year, the organizers of the Neon Beer Fest Miri has yet again planned another Neon Beer fest for Mirians. One thing people don’t get about this event is that, it’s not all about drinking and alcohol! It’s a festival full of scrumptious food, great music and entertainments! 


There were also breathtaking dance performances, DJs from all over was brought for the event. We are so excited for this year’s Neon Beer Fest. Will it be as controversial as last year or will they change the name of the event as suggested by the people?  We got to stay tuned, for they haven’t released any official date of the event yet. One thing’s for sure, it’ll be in October of course!

Did we miss any great event coming up for Miri? Share with us if you have any great, upcoming Miri events!

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