5 Miri Camping Sites

miri camping sites

5 Miri Camping Sites

Are you outdoorsy? Like adventure and nature? If you do, you must enjoy camping trips. Have you been on a camping trip at one of Miri‘s camping sites though? It’s an experience of a lifetime.

If you don’t like camping or haven’t camped in Miri, you definitely need to give it a try! Appreciate and enjoy the sights. Get out more and take all Miri‘s natural beauty in. Especially given that it’s one of the last few natural habitats of its kind and scale.  

With so much nature and many of Malaysia’s best wildlife parks, it’s a mystery why locals don’t camp more often. So, why not plan a camping trip for your next getaway. It’d be fun! And to add, you get so much experience for a bargain.

A little tired of the dull Miri city scene, want to get out and do something different or refreshing? Have a tropical escape! Try camping at some Miri camping sites. They’re arguably some of the best in Sarawak and maybe even Malaysia. Here are a few of them.

1. Lambir Hills National Park

lambir-miri camping sites

To completely delve into nature on your camping trip, Lambir is ideal. Did you know it has the highest tree diversity of any national park on earth? 1,173 species there alone. Nature enthusiasts from all around the world come to see it. Mirians are lucky have it in their backyard.

Lambir is most known for its Latak Waterfall. Which, sees flocks of people come to swim and picnic every week. Lambir has a few other waterfalls that are even more majestic than Latak if you’re willing to venture further. Many don’t realize there’s so much more you can do and see here.

Besides that, you can jungle trek, bird watch, observe wildlife, take photographs, and night walk. Also, learn about nature and do research. All that to do in one place? Definitely an ideal camping site for a trip.

To camp at this Miri camping site, you simply need to pay a small fee. You get bathroom access with it. But do be sure to bring your own equipment and food. Want to amp up your trip and turn it into a glamping trip? You can stay at the quaint lodges/ chalets.

Entrance fee: RM10.00

Campsite fee: RM5.00

Lodge fee: RM50-150.00

2. Loagan Bunut National Park

loagan-bunut-miri camping sites

For a more unique nature packed camping experience, try out Loagan Bunut. The park gets its name from its lake. Which, is Sarawak’s largest natural lake or loagan. Interestingly though the lake disappears completely in the drought season. 3 times every year it dries up into a mud-cracked plain 3 times.

What makes Loagan Bunut a great Miri camping site? Of course the lake and lush forest around it. Besides that, is its diverse wildlife. Among which include the barking deer, bearded pigs, langur monkey, and others.

It also has ancient Berawan burial platforms or ‘lejeng’. Which rear out of the lake supported by Belian wood columns.

While camping here you can go on boat rides, see historical sites, and learn the traditional fishing method ‘Selambau’. Or, go jungle trekking, bird watching and take photographs.

This Miri camping site is located at the park’s headquarters and comes with bathroom access. Provided that you bring your own gear and food. Or, just turn your camping trip into a glamping trip and stay at the hostel or lodges.

Entrance fee: RM10.00

Campsite fee: RM5.00

Lodge fee: RM50-150.00

3. Borneo Tropical Rainforest Resort

borneo-tropical-rainforest-resort-miri camping sites

Many know it as a secluded tropical resort. But, did you know you can also camp here? All you need to do is pitch your own or a rented tent at this Miri camping site. Then, spend your night in the tranquil rainforest. All under an unadulterated sky full of twinkling stars.

While here you can enjoy adventurous activities like kayaking, flying fox, rock climbing, archery and many more. Or take it easy with a nature walk, chasing waterfalls, boating, fishing, resort tour, pony ride, or others.

Want the nature experience but skip the hassle of setting up a tent? Stay at the hostel or cabins there and glamp. Be it a stay at this Miri camping site, or the hostel/ cabin, food is included in the cost. You’ll get 3 meals and one snack a day.

4. Peliau Beach, Bekenu, Miri

pantai-peliau-miri camping sites

Imagine falling asleep to the sounds of the waves crashing in on each other. All while engulfed in the soothing sea breeze. That’s what you get at this Miri camping site. To add, the people who live around the beach are extremely friendly too.

It’s off the beaten path in Bekenu; Around an hour-long drive out of Miri. Get unadulterated shorelines here because it sees fewer visitors. The water and the beach are clean. Visitors will agree Peliau Beach is one of Miri’s best beaches.

To camp at this Miri camping site, there is no site fee. But you do have to pay for bathroom rental and bring your own gear.

5. Niah National Park

gua-niah-miri-camping sites

Headed here? Then you need to extend that run of the mill day trip here into a few-day-long camping trip. Niah Caves is rich with over 40,000 years of history. It has thrived with human activity since the paleolithic era. So, that makes it east Malaysia’s oldest human settlement.

The trail walk here will let you see caveman paintings, old gravesites, lush plants, and diverse wildlife. But there’s even more to Niah. To really take it all in, do stay longer than a day.

So, make a camping trip of it. Niah is a great Miri camping site. Either camp at the designated sites or in one of the lodges for a more upscale experience. Tip: for the real OG Miri camping site experience, stick to the tent.

Other activities you could do here include caving, jungle trekking, and longhouse visits. You can also take photographs, go on a romantic night walk or on the boat river cruise.

Entrance fee: RM10.00

Campsite fee: RM5.00

Lodge fee: RM50-150.00

Plan Your Miri Camping Site Trip ASAP!

What are you waiting for now? You’ll definitely have a fun time. All while giving Sarawak’s rich nature the appreciation it deserves.

Foreigners aren’t as lucky as the locals. Many foreigners dream of getting to experience all this nature but have to spend a fortune and travel around the world to get it.

But Mirians can simply drive a little and can get the experience anytime they choose to. Mirians are so lucky to be surrounded by such great biodiversity. So, get out more and see these natural sights! Maybe plan a trip for next weekend.

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