Mini Matsuri 2019: Japanese Themed Festival Draws Mirians by The Crowds

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Mini Matsuri 2019: Japanese Themed Festival Draws Mirians by The Crowds

Mini Matsuri 2019 went down last weekend from the 10-11 of August 2019. Mini Matsuri took place on the ground floor of Permaisuri Imperial City Mall, Miri. The Japanese themed festival ran from 10 am to 10 pm for two days. 


Visitors came from near and far to see the sights and sound of Japanese culture. People came from all over Sarawak, Sabah, and Brunei to enjoy it. Many foreigners were among the visitors too.


This festival was something new and unique for Miri. As nothing like it had been held before. Crowds flocked to see the interesting booths, performances, games, and activities. Here’s what you missed at Mini Matsuri 2019

Check out this video for highlights too!

Mini Matsuri Day 2 highlights! ✨Today’s our last day, do come by! We’re here till 10PM! 😍

Posted by Mini Matsuri on Sunday, 11 August 2019

Booths Especially For The Anime Lovers

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Fox Manga, Otaku’s Shop, Gitz Hobby, and Revline Hobby booths

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Revline Hobby, Doki-Doki, and Otaku’s Shop booths

Booths to excite Mirian Otakus were at Mini Matsuri. Among them were the Curtin J-Pop Culture Club and Fox Manga booths. You could get yourself redrawn as an anime character by Fox Manga. Besides that, Doki-Doki was there selling Japanese items and anime figurines. Those who love dressing up could’ve rented a Kimono to wear and take pictures in.


Otaku Shop’s booth was selling discounted anime figurines and merchandise. Such a steal! Next, Revline Hobby’s booth was unique. They had a Japanese car replica and merchandise display. Definitely a rare sight!


On top of that, Miri Cosplay Club had a booth at Mini Matsuri. They were there selling desserts and food. As well as anime merchandise. Cosplay fans could take photos with the beautiful cosplayers too.

mini matsuri-2019-miri-cosplay-club-with-kids

Gitz Hobby‘s booth was very interesting. They had a massive board game of Warhammer set up. Visitors could come to play or learn how to paint and assemble models.


More and More Japanese Themed Booths

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The DIY Workshop, Maqhimage Academy, and Free Photo booth

J&Y Nail was set up at Mini Matsuri too. Manicure and pedicure fans could get Japanese nail art done there.


Maqhimage Academy & Nail Art were set up at another booth. They offered body painting, facials, nail art, and cosmetic services.


Besides that, there was a DIY Workshop booth. Anyone could come and learn origami and how to make easy DIY crafts. Kids especially enjoyed the booth and came in crowds to learn.


Other than that, Fuduba had a booth set up for the foodies at Mini Matsuri. They sold delicious Japanese street food such as Karaage Chicken, Poke Bowls and the like.


Mini Matsuri visitors looking to make some memories could go to the free photo booth. It was complete with Japanese decor and items. Perfect to make pictures taken there seem taken somewhere in Japan. 


Alphacom also had a photo booth set up with cool Samurai ornaments. Anyone interested could take polaroids there with your loved ones.


Subarashii Performances During Mini Matsuri 2019


Yui of Miri Cosplay Club’s performance (Image via SCP X Brunei Otaku Facebook)

The two days of Mini Matsuri were filled with memorable Japanese themed performances. The Miri Cosplay Club performed multiple times, definitely entertaining visitors. 


Visitors enjoyed singing and dancing performances from the lovely cosplayers on day one. Alyce sang twice. While Sunny, Chiyo Miyako, Yui, and Chiyo danced. Alyce’s performance of Silhouette was nostalgic. It reminded of their Naruto watching childhoods.


Besides that, voice of an angel NaqiDAY sang a few acoustic Japanese songs. Naturally, he had to include famous Japanese song, Miraie in his set. He also serenaded the crowd with My First Love and Lost in Japan.


The next day, Miri Cosplay Club entertained again. The cosplayers sang and danced through the day. Chiyo, Miyako and Yui’s dance was definitely the most memorable. Their costumes and dance moves made it hard to look away.

Chio/Miyako/Yui – dance performance

Posted by SCP X Brunei Otaku on Monday, 12 August 2019


The highlight of day two, however, was the Body Art Matsuri Painting and Catwalk Session. It’s amazing how creative body painting gets. Surely many in the crowd wished they were the models then!

Cosplayers To Marvel At Mini Matsuri 2019


The lovely cosplay girls of Miri Cosplay Club

The two days of Mini Matsuri had no shortage of beautiful cosplayers. Many people flocked to take photos with the girls of Miri Cosplay Club at their booth. People of all ages wanted to get pictures with the cosplayers.


The cosplayers also entertained the Mini Matsuri goers on both days. They had multiple singing and dancing performances lined up. All of which were showstoppers.


iPrima Media extends many thanks to the Miri Cosplay Club. They really livened up Mini Matsuri.


Body Art Matsuri Showcase


Models posing with their body art during the Body Art Matsuri Showcase

Perhaps the most interesting event at Mini Matsuri was the Body Art Showcase. This kicked off on day two. 


It started in the afternoon with the Painting Session. Visitors watched the models get meticulously painted. Then in the evening, the Body Art Matsuri Catwalk Session began. Visitors watched in awe as the models cat-walked elegantly. All covered in surreal body art.


The Body Art Matsuri Showcase was an effort of Maqhimage Academy. It’s the Malaysia Creative Art of Make-up Beauty Education Training Academy in Miri. Visitors inspired by the showcase could even sign up for their courses.


Lucky visitors from day one enjoyed free body painting by Maqhimage Academy. They were doing this as a test draw before the big showcase.


Pokemon Trading Card Game Tournament


Winner of the Pokemon Card Trading Game tournament

Day two of Mini Matsuri kicked off with a Pokemon Trading Card Game tournament. This was organized by Duelist Trading Card Game. It was surprisingly popular. Contestants came from as far as Brunei and Bintulu! 


CK Kho (Blacephalon) emerged as the champion of the tournament. Louis Chee (Pikarom) came in second. And, Patrick Lei (Regigigas) came in third. Congratulations to all the winners! Thank you also to the organizer and participants for making the tournament a success.


Mobile Legends Tournament


The Mobile Legends tournament winners

Alongside Mini Matsuri, a Mobile Legends tournament went down. It happened on the first floor of Permaisuri Imperial City Mall. The tournament was organized by Stratos Cybersports Arena and MEGPlay. Contestants came from all over Sarawak, Sabah, and Brunei to compete.


Day one of Mini Matsuri was the main gaming tournament. On day two, was the meet and greet session. Popular gamer, streamer, cosplayer, and influencer Le Josette came. The tournament continued with the award-giving then concluded. 


Thank You For Coming To Mini Matsuri 2019!

mini matsuri-2019-miri-cosplay-club

(Image via SCP X Brunei Otaku Facebook)

It was such a joy to see people from many walks of life come to enjoy Mini Matsuri 2019. Thank you again to all the visitors who came. Without the crowds, the event couldn’t have been so successful. The organizers hope visitors loved the festival. And, possibly hope to see an even bigger crowd if there’s another Mini Matsuri next year! 

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