Miri Entrepreneur Incubator Club to Officially Launch Early May to Foster New Startups in Miri – Open for Entry.

Miri Entrepreneur Incubator Club to Officially Launch Early May to Foster New Startups in Miri – Open for Entry.

Providing young entrepreneurs and startups in Miri the tools necessary to jump-start their business plans.

In a collaborative effort between the Sarawak government and local business leaders to spur young entrepreneurs to develop their own startups in Miri and around the region, the Miri Entrepreneur Incubator Club (MEIC) will launch on the 1st of May 2017 with an installation ceremony to officiate start of operations.

The primary purpose of the MEIC is two-fold; i) to attract and develop young to become leaders of society and ii) to serve as a business incubator to develop and train young entrepreneurs in Miri, Sarawak. These goals are in line with the MEIC’s slogan, “We Groom & Grow Young Entrepreneurs in Miri, Sarawak”.

Past MEIC events.

The organizing committee had already successfully held two other events prior to this launch. The first was held in 2016 with the objective of promoting the E-sports scene in Miri and to establish a presence in the rapidly growing industry.

This was followed with the organizing of a foam countdown party – the first profit-driven event that the club and its members had organized, giving its members valuable experience in operating a business.

Entrance open to members of MEIC.

Entrance is open to members of the club and their friends. The event is limited to a hundred participants only and will be served on a first-come, first-served basis. To become a member, please contact Lee Kok Leong (Club Chairman) at 012-8782212 or Kwan Yee Boon (Secretary) at +60 16-878 0671/ +60 12-646 0619. A membership fee of RM20 will be charged upon approval.

Provisions for MEIC members.

The MEIC will serve as a platform for its members to create their own commercial events. In return for logistical support and venue, profits will be shared between organizing members and the club. In addition, the MEIC will also be place where members can organize social events that benefit its members, society and the club itself.

Event Details:

Official website: http://www.meic.org.my/

Date: 1st May 2017

Time: 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm

Venue: Imperial Palace Hotel, Miri, Sarawak


1.30 pm – Arrival of committee.

2.00 pm – Arrival of members.

2.15 pm – Arrival of Guest of Honour.

2.20 pm – Welcoming speech by Organizing Chairman.

2.30 pm – Installation ceremony.

2.45 pm – Speech by Club Chairman.

2.55 pm – Website launch + slideshow.

3.00 pm – Speech by Guest of Honour.

3.15 pm – Souvenir presentation.

3.30 pm – Refreshments & Networking.

4.00 pm – End of programme.

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