MEIC Installation Ceremony Success, Government Pledged to Support MEIC Develop Young Entrepreneurs and Startups in Miri.

MEIC Installation Ceremony Success, Government Pledged to Support MEIC Develop Young Entrepreneurs and Startups in Miri.

The success of the installation ceremony marks the official start of Miri Entrepreneur Incubator Club (MEIC) operations. In close collaboration with the Government, MEIC’s newly sworn-in organizing committee has pledged to develop local youth leaders to kick start new business ideas and build them into profitable startups in Miri.

MEIC chairman, Lee Kok Leong, stated that the main purpose of the club is to help young entrepreneurs realize their startup dreams. To achieve this, the MEIC will provide aspiring young entrepreneurs training in leadership, teamwork and fundamental business concepts.

He adds that these new startups will be able take advantage of MEIC’s container-zone, a new business concept designed to provide an affordable space and platform to operate from. The new service will enable young entrepreneurs to bypass rental and logistical restrictions that often hold new businesses back.

The Internet – an Important Marketing Tool.

Mr. Lee also emphasized the importance of capitalizing on internet marketing (aka digital marketing), a powerful tool which will allow small startups to reach a large audience for a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing. This evens the playing field for small startups that do not have the budget to compete for advertising as big companies do to get their products and services noticed.

YB Datuk Lee Kim Shin, Assistant Minister for Land and Air Transportation and Safety/Assistant Minister for Tourism, reinforces this point in his address by stating that the widespread use of the internet means that the transitioning from traditional marketing to the digital space is inevitable. Creative new ideas will also be needed to give new businesses the upper hand in the marketplace or risk failure. In his final note, Datuk Lee expressed his hope that the MEIC will demonstrate success through its actions.


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The installation ceremony was a complete success, with many people turning up for the event.

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Swearing-in of the new committee.

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