MEGPlay – A Mobile Gaming Community

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MEGPlay – A Mobile Gaming Community

Are you an avid gamer? Do you often partake in the gentlemanly sport of mobile gaming? Mayhaps you’re looking for a community to share your gaming trials and tribulations?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then rejoice! MEGPlay is a gaming platform that aims to be THE platform for mobile gamers in the Southeast Asia region.

MEGPlay is indeed a wondrous platform that promises community, gaming-related news, and events. But most important of all, it’s a way for the mobile gaming community to connect with each other.

MEGPlay & Mobile Gaming

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Mobile gaming has come a long way since the introduction of smartphones in our lives. We carry our smartphones around everywhere we go, and we can’t live without them. Basically, we’re very attached to our smartphones. And because of this, mobile gaming has become more accessible than ever before.

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Hence, it’s no wonder that the development of the mobile gaming market has skyrocketed in recent memory. Gone are the days of the PC/console/mobile console monopoly on the gaming market. These days, mobile gaming is as much a profitable market as any other.

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Furthermore, it’s estimated that mobile games will reach a revenue growth of USD72 billion by the year 2020. And so far, it looks like the mobile gaming market is well on its way to top this expected revenue. In 2018, mobile games generated USD70.3 billion in revenue, which accounts for 51% of the global gaming market.

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So where does MEGPlay fit into this highly profitable puzzle? Simple, the answer is communication and connection.

Mobile gamers have long had the problem of lacking a platform to connect with their peers. Most resort to using social media platforms such as Facebook to find new people to play with. Others leave it to the game’s matchmaking system to match them with a teammate. And if you’re a regular in playing team-based mobile games, you’d know that this isn’t always ideal. For one, teaming with a friend will always be more fun. Also, you can ACTUALLY trust your friend to have your back when it comes down to it.

This is where MEGPlay comes in.

A Look Into MEGPlay

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MEGPlay was founded by the duo of 24-year-old Mao Shun Hun and 22-year-old Constance Lim in late 2018.

Mao was the head of digital marketing in iPrima Media, a digital marketing company with offices in Johor, Singapore, and Sarawak. Using his expertise in digital marketing, Mao was able to formulate a plan to penetrate the market at a lower price. He is a firm believer in bringing the online and offline community together in order to bring the gaming community closer.

As for Constance, the passion for entrepreneurship came to her at the tender age of 17. Coming from a small town in Pahang, she took a gamble and moved to Kuala Lumpur to look for a job. Aside from her entrepreneur spirit, she’d hoped to help in reducing her parents’ financial burden. And it wasn’t easy, she had to do plenty of low wage jobs including selling health supplements for a salary of RM150 per week.

As though by fate, her luck began to change for the better when she joined an investment firm. There, her mentor taught her the ins-and-outs of the business. Everything from tech startups to investments and even leadership skills. And after a year, she’d have the confidence to use her skills and savings to start her very own branding and designing firm.

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Along the way, Constance had taken up mobile gaming as a hobby. She’d found and connected with dozens of friends through different platforms such as WeChat, Facebook, and WhatsApp groups.

But, she’d found this process cumbersome and time-consuming. It was at this moment, a chord struck within her young, business-savvy mind. She realized there was a demand for a platform catered towards the gaming community.

Thus, the idea for MEGPlay was born.

A Platform for Mobile Gamers

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Currently, MEGPlay is bolstering its roster with a myriad of popular mobile games. These games include Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Player Unknown’s Battleground (PUBG) Mobile, and Arena of Valor.

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MEGPlay is free-to-use for everyone. It’s based on a freemium model where extra features are available for a fee or with a subscription. There’s also a long term plan in place to monetise the business by introducing e-commerce in the future. The obvious choices being gaming peripherals and merchandise.

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MEGPlay is looking to fully launch their minimum viable product (MVP) with the help of their main investor, BEAM.

Curious about MEGPlay? The MEGPlay app is now available for iOS and Android. Alternatively, you may also visit their website and social media for more information.

To A Bigger and Brighter Community for Mobile Gamers

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Since its initial rollout, MEGPlay has seen positive responses all around. The platform has managed to attract users en masse thanks to the frequent competitions it organizes.

More impressively, MEGPlay is also working with more than 20 F&B owners to increase foot traffic at their locations. The plan is to bring mobile gaming events to their locations. Thereby encouraging social gatherings for mobile gamers.

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The MEGPlay team definitely knows what they’re doing. Seeing as the population of mobile gamers in SEA is set to grow exponentially. In particular, it’s estimated that the population of mobile gamers in the region will grow to 250.6 million by 2021, compared to 170.6 million in 2017.

This astounding growth could be attributed to the rising disposable income of users. Moreover, the emergence of better and stronger Internet technology also plays a role. And with 5G technology in the horizon, there’s no telling how much more the mobile gaming scene is set to grow.

The Bottom Line

With the arrival of new technology, the mobile gaming market will be booming in the near future. The quality of these games are already at unprecedented levels. And soon, they will be able to mirror desktop/console games.

Also, expect more and more competitive games making their mark on the biz. And subsequently, you can expect even more competitions/tournaments taking place.

Lastly, with the rise of mobile gaming, you can also anticipate conglomerates, telcos, and phone makers throwing their names in the hat. Ultimately, MEGPlay is aiming to play in the big leagues by becoming the largest gaming platform and community in SEA.

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