McDonald’s Malaysia Celebrates Merdeka by Changing Its Name To ‘Mekdi’


McDonald’s Malaysia Celebrates Merdeka by Changing Its Name To ‘Mekdi’

You can now spot the big ‘Mekdi’ sign loud and proud above McDonald’s Malaysia’s Bukit Bintang outlet. McDonald’s Malaysia has decided to embrace the name Malaysians so affectionately call the fast-food chain. What better way to show appreciation than by wearing the name boldly, right?


McDonald’s staff clad in traditional wear. All standing outside the Bukit Bintang outlet after the sign’s unveiling. (Image via McDonalds Malaysia)

Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of ‘Mekdi’, Melati Abdul Hai said the sign is an ode to its Malaysian customers. Who, have helped ‘Mekdi’ grow and become so beloved amongst the nation. 

2019 marks 37 years of ‘Mekdi’ in Malaysia. The chain owes its current recognition nationally, to none other than Malaysians. It appreciates Malaysians for their continuous support. From the day it opened its first outlet in Bukit Bintang in 1982, Malaysians have been there.


The press snippet from the opening of the first-ever McDonald’s in Malaysia. (Image via


The first-ever Malaysian McDonald’s outlet in Bukit Bintang on its opening day. (Image via Twitter)


The crowd on McDonald’s Malaysia opening day in 1982. (Image via Twitter)

The sign comes in conjunction with Malaysia’s 62nd independence day celebration. And, the upcoming Malaysia day celebration. To celebrate the nation, the chain also added Malaysian twists to their menu. You can enjoy Nasi Lemak McD, Cempedak McFlurry, and Cendol Cones all over Malaysia.

People Love The ‘Mekdi’ Sign!

Aussie’s call it Macca’s, the Japanese call it Makku, the Scottish call it McD’s. Americans know it by Maccy D’s or Mickey D’s. Every place has its twist on the beloved fast-food chain. We Malaysians lovingly call it ‘Mekdi’.


The ‘Mekdi’ sign standing out in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Bukit Bintang. (Image via Twitter)


A netizen poses in front of the ‘Mekdi’ sign. (Image via Twitter)

Who knows! Soon we might see ‘Stabak Kopi’, ‘Kepci’, ‘Kopibin’ and the like pop up. Check out netizen reactions to the ‘Mekdi’ sign. It’s clear everybody loved it

Changing the sign is genius marketing. Who would’ve thought acknowledging a colloquialism could touch so many people? Do you know any other names Malaysians have given popular items? Feel free to comment below if you know any!

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