Mary Chen Bar: Miri’s Night Life Game Changer

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Mary Chen Bar: Miri’s Night Life Game Changer

The new year just passed and you can bet everyone is in a festive mood. Looking for places to dance the night away or maybe even drink the night away? CNY is creeping in on us too. Are you looking for a place to spend your Lunar New Year at? 

It may have been common to hear from outsiders and maybe even locals. Miri’s nightlife really didn’t leave much to yearn for. Especially with no fresh clubs and the current ones being the same as the others.

Fret no more. Mirians rejoice! The nightlife here has a new addition and boy is it a real game changer. Mary Chen Bar is the newest addition to the scene here. It’s a place, unlike all the rest.

The Mysterious Mastermind Behind this Diamond in the Rough

founder-dj-mary chen

Founder and mastermind of Mary Chen Bar, Fazhan (Image via ragetdoe)

Mary Chen Bar is the brainchild of its manager and DJ, Fazhan also known as DJ Faztex. He’s a 25-year-old old freelance telecom engineer and disc jockey (DJ). DJ-ing started out as a hobby for the youngster in 2013 and as you can see has grown the past 6 years into a career.

To its mastermind, Mary Chen Bar is a local trove for all things hip hop. It’s meant to cultivate hip hop culture among locals. Besides that, he hopes for Mary Chen Bar to merge new and old era hip-hop. All while, of course, supporting underground hip-hop DJs and rappers within the state.

Motivation? Inspiration?

people-mary chen

People entranced by the performers at Mary Chen Bar (Image via ragetdoe)

Fazhan was first inspired by social media. He saw places like these all over social media. Where people held more reverence for music. They all saw music as something more like a lifestyle instead of mere entertainment. This was particularly true among nu era hip-hop fans.

He wished Mirians were more into music. And, hoped for a place like that at home. That something, Miri definitely lacked before Mary Chen Bar’s inception.

Fazhan credits the opening and success Mary Chen Bar to all the naysayers. Prior to the pushback, he never saw this coming. He had any intentions to run a nightclub let alone explore entrepreneurship. Along the journey here he received no shortage of pushback.

But, negativity from pessimists of his vision gave him the ultimate push to make it happen. He realized how much he needed to start the business to prove all of them wrong. He’s grateful for all those who said it couldn’t be done.

Mary Chen Bar’s Immaculate Inception

performers-mary chen

Fazhan and performers DJ-ing during the last New Years Celebration held at Mary Chen Bar (Images via ragetdoe)

Fazhan worked for years DJ-ing in the local industry. He’s performed at various venues across Sarawak which enabled him to pick up a vast variety of skills. With the experience, also came the knack to know what people actually wanted from DJs.

In 2016, Fazhan looked for investors but to no avail. Not enough investors to get a place and bring his dream into the light. Painstakingly, he waited 3 more years and in 2018, he got a break.

Fazhan was promoted to Resident DJ of Black Pearl Club in July of last year. With time, the manager of the club, Andy (Lau Lik Hung) finally gave him the opportunity to open a place. A place where his vision could be brought to life. Andy gave him the freedom to open and handle Mary Chen Bar. Planning ensued the following October and by the 7th of December, Mary Chen Bar was live.

The People Spoke Back – It’s Making Waves

crowds-mary chen

People enjoying the atmosphere, music, and vibes at Mary Chen Bar. (Image via ragetdoe)

They loved the place. This was such a surprise despite small expectations from the founders. But, the people kept coming in the masses especially on the weekends. And the bar has since amassed a huge cult following.

The bar even reached its sales target in record time. To the founders still, the bar’s success wasn’t about the sales but the people. All they hoped was for people to enjoy the music and ride the vibes. That’s exactly what they got.

Founders could tell almost instantly from the response. The people spoke and the place is an undeniable success.

Why is Mary Chen Bar a Game Changer? 

decor-mary chen

The oriental theme runs through the whole bar. You can see vintage posters, lantern lighting, and a golden dragon wall piece. (Image via ragetdoe)

Unique. Unlike any other bar in Miri, it’s lit!” say nearly all the patronizers. So, why is the bar so widely accepted and eventful to all its patrons?

First of all, it really is unlike any other bar in Miri. It’s the first bar in Miri that serves an authentic oriental theme with fire hip-hop music. The bar is a living example of East meets West. Why that specific kind of music? Simply because no other bar gives this music the credit it’s due.

Founder and resident DJ, Fazhan says the music stands for what the bar is and serves. The bar does 70% hip-hop and RnB mixed with 30% vibes for the ultimate soft spot of undeniable fire bar music.

The undeniable vibes that were served last New Years Celebration in Mary Chen Bar (Images via ragetdoe)

People who go get entranced instantly with the atmosphere, vibe, and beats. The bar is making shock waves among youngsters. When you love what you do, it shines through in your work. Founder Fazhan commits strongly to what he does. And it shows through the passion he shows while performing at the bar.

Only High Hopes For The Future of Mary Chen Bar

people-fun-mary chen

Only great vibes at Mary Chen Bar (Images via ragetdoe)

Founder Fazhan hopes to see the bar get bigger, stronger and strive. He hopes to see a greater influx of positive vibes from the people coming in. Locals hope for the bar to keep going as is. Many wouldn’t change a thing about the small trove. 

Managing the bar has been a slight challenge for first-time business overseer Fazhan. But how good he’s doing is proven by how much people are loving the bar. He believes in constantly listening to the people and improving from constant feedback.

Head on Down Now For a Night to Remember!

happening-mary chen

The lit crowds at Mary Chen Bar (Images via ragetdoe)

The most happening nights are Thursday, Friday and Saturday. For a night you’ll sure remember, go on one of these days. Do take note that they’re closed every Monday.

Not sure what to drink while there? Their most popular drinks are Jagertrains, liquor shots, and the bar classic beers. Have fun but do drink responsibly. Remember to abide by the law.

If you’re wondering if Mary Chen Bar is gonna be having any big events soon, stay on their Instagram for updates. They prefer surprising people with events. Because the most fun things in life are the unplanned ones.

promos-mary chen

Some of the posts or updates you can expect to see on their Instagram (images via Instagram)

On special event nights, expect local performers and DJs. This is true to Fazhan’s hope to continue supporting local rappers and DJs.

What Are You Waiting For?

entrance-mary chen

The oriental style entrance to Mary Chen (Image via ragetdoe)

Mirians are so lucky to have this gem of an addition to their nightlife. Barely two months into its opening, Mary Chen Bar is already sending shockwaves through the nightlife scene. This gamechanger is definitely here to stay and be a staple in any Mirian’s night out.

Head on down for a night of fire music, good vibes, and nothing but fun. If you’ve never been, that’s all the more reason to head on down. This place is sure to make you fall in love with the dainty yet full of life place it is. All good things come in small packages right?

Don’t know where it is? It’s located in Black Pearl Club. It’s a little hole in the wall on the first floor. When you enter Black Pearl, head right and you’ll find a flight of stairs. Head on up that flight of stairs to be greeted by what people relate so closely to Mary Chen Bar – its red neon sign.

neon-sign-entrance-mary chen

The vibrant red neon sign that greets you at the entrance (Image via ragetdoe)

Or, simply follow the fire tunes and you’re sure to find your way easily. Once in, get transported to the far east and drowned in blaring hip-hop, RnB, and vibes.

Address: 1st floor, Black Pearl Club, North Yu Seng Road, Miri, Sarawak,

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