Marie Kondo Who Now?

Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo Who Now?

Who is she?

Marie Kondo

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To those the frequent Twitter and Instagram often stumble upon this name. Marie Kondo this, Marie Kondo that. There are meme dedicated to her even. With this, who is Marie Kondo?

Marie Kondo is a celebrity in tidying, and yes it’s a thing. Starting this profession at a tender age of 19, she started by tidying up house of friends for extra cash. Her work is so good that she had a waiting list that lasted her 6 months of work.

And it snowballed from there.

But…how come she’s suddenly very popular?

Have you ever wondered how many pair of jeans is enough? How many jackets do you ever really wear? All your mugs, plates, forks and spoon, do they ever bring you joy?


These are the questions that Marie Kondo’s method of tidying up trigger up in that noggin of yours. Her method of tidying up is called the KonMari method and in its essence, this method is a spiritual journey into one’s soul.

It transforms a person’s psyche by making one to make better decision and sparks joy in their lives.


The most important part of this process of tidying is to always think about what you have and about the discovery of your sense of value, what you value that is important,” she said through her interpreter, Marie Iida.

To answer the question above, she is popular because her tidying up method made people rethink back on themselves, and spark joy.

In fact, people that employ the KonMari method in their arsenal started to take a charge of their lives. Some changed jobs, some started their own business and even began to take a step into healthy living.

KonMari Method

But, what does this have to do with me, though?


Oh yes it has everything to do with you, yes you. The stuff that you bought? Does it really bring you joy?

De-cluttering with the KonMari method, it is vital to give thanks before getting rid of the items, be it through charity, handing it down or burning it off. Giving it thanks for their service to you and how it made you once feel when you first owned them. This relates to how you can de-clutter your emotions, your life as well.


Doing this can help you de-clutter your past, the people that you felt is toxic to your or to that workplace that you desire so much before but is a resentment to your everyday living. Even though these things, people or even job do not bring you any more joy, give thanks for what they were before.

Call it however, de-cluttering, tidying up, cleaning up, we have to thank Marie Kondo for bringing this wave back.

We need this, in 2019.

Kudos to Netflix for creating such a great content. Really!

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