AlkaLife Group CEO One of The Youngest Women in Malaysia To Sell Company


AlkaLife Group CEO One of The Youngest Women in Malaysia To Sell Company

AlkaLife Group is now under new partnership. Making money moves is Malaysian female CEO, Melanie Loh. The only 32-year old just sold AlkaLife Group to a South Korean conglomerate. This makes her one of the youngest women in Malaysia with an acquisition! The acquisition was an all-cash deal for a controlling stake in the company.

What is AlkaLife?


The AlkaLife Group family

AlkaLife is a pioneer and market leader for water ionizers. Their products include water filtration systems that ionize, filter, alkalize and purifies water. Be it for your home or office, AlkaLife has a drinking water solution for you.

Alkaline water detox benefits (Image via AlkaLifeWater Facebook)

The AlkaLife Group started out as AlkaLifeWater. It was founded by the Wong Family in 1998. Eventually, in 2014, Melanie acquired the brand license of AlkaLife Water. She found AlkaLife Commercial Sdn Bhd with hopes to penetrate and expand the business into the corporate market.
Over time, the business grew well. She brought on an investment partner, Izaddeen bin Daud. Then in 2018, the two acquired AlkaLifeWater. With that, came the formation of AlkaLife Group. Their main goal was to tap into the consumer market of Malaysian households.

Izaddeen bin Daud, Melanie’s business partner


AlkaLife’s Current Success

AlkaLifeWater has grown exponentially over the years. The company’s market reach now covers a span across 17 countries. The company has expanded way beyond Malaysia and Indonesia. Their distribution operations include even Mauritius.
Over the years, the company has amassed multiple awards and certifications. You can see these on the company’s website. They have all the awards and certifications uploaded for the customers to see. All this recognition is the result of their exceptional product quality and customer satisfaction.
Their products last. Did you know, all AlkaLifeWater’s products are imported from South Korea. Their products are guaranteed with a warranty of 10 years. If you didn’t know, that’s the longest warranty globally!
Years and years of this quality and satisfaction has catapulted them to a leader in the water ionizer market.

A Little About Malaysian CEO, Melanie


Melanie Loh

Melanie Loh is a Monash University graduate. The now 32-year-old started her career as a corporate banker. She was first introduced to alkaline water as a remedy to overcome her gastric problems.
Eventually, it transformed the way she saw drinking water. She realized the importance of drinking the right water type. Then, she looked into the market and realized Malaysians placed little emphasis on hydration health. She saw an opportunity to spread awareness about drinking the right water type. To do this, she would use AlkaLifeWater products.
That’s how she came to founding AlkaLife Commercial Sdn Bhd, a brand licensee of AlkaLife Water.

The Future of AlkaLife


The Lydia Water Ionizer (Image via AlkaLifeWater Facebook)


AlkaLifeWater ionizer (Image via AlkaLifeWater Facebook)

So, what is in the foreseeable future for AlkaLife after this change? AlkaLifeWater will operate under a new Korean brand name. The name will be announced later this year.
With the new acquisition partners, the company will be starting a new beauty line. Operations are to strategically expand across South East Asia. Eventually, they plan on moving onto manufacturing health-based IoT products in the future.
When asked about the decision to proceed with the acquisition, Melanie mentioned that it was in the best interest of both parties. This would allow them to tap into each other’s strengths while capturing a broader market. She added,
“We’re incredibly excited to embark on this new journey with our new partners. Who, have distribution channels globally in various industries. We are very thankful. And, believe this synergistic and strategic partnership is mutually beneficial. It will set the group on path to scale to a different level. We look forward to the announcement and the launch of our new brand and products really soon.”

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