Malaysia Day Special! 70% Off Furniture In Johor Bahru!

Malaysia Day Special! 70% Off Furniture In Johor Bahru!

Still looking for a way to spend your Malaysia Day? Why don’t you join us and enjoy up to 70% off home and furniture items at the O2O Homes Expo & Carnival!

Are you one of those people who are still wondering what you can do on your off-day? Did everyone else leave you out of their plan? Or are you searching for a local event that you can attend for free this public holiday?

If you have nothing planned this Malaysia Day, a home expo is happening from 16th September until 20th September 2020. Here is where you can find awesome deals and great sales for home furniture such as tv sets, wardrobes, water filtration system and more.

We know that it is a hassle for you to go out of the country on a one-day public holiday. With the rising number of COVID-19 cases, we suggest that you go somewhere local as it is safer and you are more familiar with the Standard Operation Procedure (SOP).

O2O Home Expo & Carnival

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Therefore, we recommend you to come and join us as O2O Homes will take place at the Cathay Restaurant EcoSpring, Johor Bahru. People from all over the country are invited to come and indulge in this remarkable furniture and home appliances sale.

If those descriptions did not suit your situation, maybe you are looking for a way to enjoy your day without spending so much due to your tight budget. Put your worries away as this event requires no entrance fee! All you have to do is to bring yourself and enjoy the fair. Save that money for tomorrow’s lunch or gifts for your loved ones. 

O2O Homes offers the biggest price slash,  up to 70% discount on furniture, home appliances and many more. Get some rice cooker, air fryer, mattress and decoration item for yourselves or your loved ones at the lowest price! This is your chance to make them happy without going over your budget.

Retail therapy is what you needed after a long, dreadful week of work. It is the most rightful thing to do as you get to invest on a good home machine to benefit you and your whole family. Besides, you will be getting them at a special price! Let your friends and family know that you have made the right move to attend O2O Homes Expo.

Up to 70% discount is offered for selected items and you are entitled to a Purchase with Purchase (PWP) deals at selected booths. This means you can save more when you shop more!

O2O Home Expo & Carnival

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Plus, amazing prizes are prepared for winners of the lucky draw. You might take these gifts home with you if you are lucky enough, who knows?  Click here to register for the lucky draw. 

More than 30 exhibitors will be there to offer you a variety of discounts, up to 70%! Each with exclusive deals! Grab this chance to own your dream kitchen tools and furniture at the best price.

Exclusive vouchers are to be given away to some lucky visitors so make sure to bring your luck with you. You don’t want to miss this event for the world. We can’t promise that it will come back next year so grab this chance while it lasts!

Have we mentioned that the admission is free? You can bring your whole family to visit and enjoy our carnival. There will be a lot of exciting activities including an auto car show where a number of super cars will be exhibited throughout the event.

We also have some designated activities for children to enjoy. Be sure to take your little ones along to visit as we promise no boredom will strike!

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Stand a chance to win the lucky draws by registering here.

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