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DigitaLah! : Reasons Why You Can’t Perform Well After All These Courses

As you might have noticed, digital marketing knowledge (and skills) are getting more and more important every day.   Because most of your customers are now online. Most of the time.   The fact is, having a strong online presence is no longer optional.   Seriously.   Especially if you are in a...

supercharged engine

How Does It Work – Supercharged Engine

People are searching ways to boost the power of their vehicle. Without increasing the size of the engine, the only way is to increase the airflow into the engine. A supercharged engine may be your solution.   Supercharger is a device that increases the intake air pressure....

Good Copywriting

How Good Copywriting Can Boost Your Business Sales

No matter what you’re selling, and whether you already know it or not… good copywriting is an essential aspect you cannot ignore.   Because how well you sell depends on the words you use (and how you use them) while speaking to the right person at the...

how to promote your website - feature 1a

Content Marketing and SEO – How to Promote Your Website.

Let's use a couple of analogies to crudely describe my meaning: the Internet is the "stage", Google is the "circus manager", and SEO are the "talent scout munchkins" that get you noticed by Google. Many of us get so caught up with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)...

2016 Online Marketing Glossary – Making Sense of Digital Marketing Jargon & Buzzwords.

A digital marketing glossary, listing common terms used in the industry. This list is continually being updated. For further clarication and information please consult our trainers using the link below: [maxbutton id="6"] .. . # "Hashtag". A categorization tag used by Twitter. 301 Redirect "Moved Permanently". Redirects browsers (users) to the correct URL...

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7 Bad Business Ethics That’s Turning Customers Away.

There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else. - Sam Walton There's nothing more demotivating for an online marketer than to keep losing customers. It's even more...

How To Make a Marketing Video That Will Nab 500k viewers in three days.

It wasn’t a blind effort without thought or strategy, but neither did we expect our marketing video to hit 500,000 views within a week. So, naturally, we sat down to analyse what worked and what didn’t.

So here are the top 5 factors we came across that we think made our marketing video do as well as it did..

1. Entertainment value.

Lone individuals who are willing to purchase US$300,000 worth of CDs to support their favourite AKB48 performer are hard-proof of the importance of star-power and the entertainment value they bring to their fans. This one-sided relationship is known as parasocial interaction, but we’re not going to talk about that here.

Most people, young, old and everyone else in between, get onto the Internet to be entertained. Entertainment is as important to the human mind as food is to his/her biological function.

So whether it’s star-power, a good/dramatic love story, thought-provoking ideas, simple slapstick comedy or the awe-factor (think of Russian male toxicity vids of them hanging a hundred meters off the ground by their hands from metal beams) – there’s no denying how important entertainment value is in attracting the masses.

2. Good art direction.

However, no matter the star-power; bad art direction will ruin any production. Bad productions aren’t enjoyable to watch and will turn viewers off. And it’s certainly unflattering to be associated with such work – especially for those on-screen. There are only a handful of masochists out there who would voluntarily watch bad stuff – so we were determined to use good art direction for our production! (duh…