Lim Xin, The Next Kpop Idol….From Malaysia

Lim Xin

Lim Xin, The Next Kpop Idol….From Malaysia

Lim Xin, 17 years-old hailing from Johor; the first trainee in Southeast Asia to receive direct admission to the Korea Perfection A-Star Scholarship from STC Academy Korea . The self taught student never thought that one day she would receive a scholarship for her passion. Blessed and grateful, she thank her parents and school for giving her this golden opportunity.

STC Academy

Image via STC

Lim Xin participated in the selection campaign at the “STC Star Project” from 29th to 30th December 2017. Securing the scholarship after battling 100 participants makes her an outstanding person. She got through and got herself into the Top 10 and then Top 4 finalists. Other than, that, she is the first trainee in Southeast Asia to receive the Korea Perfection A-Star Scholarship.

Lim Xin

Lim Xin, 17 years old sharing her experience at the Worldclass conference.

In terms of getting ready for the training in Korea, Lim Xin has been training for 1 year with the best professionals in Malaysia. She was trained by professional fitness coach Dominique Fun and an international vocalist Oral, Robert Runtu. Lim Xin shared that the training is hardcore as she has to follow strict schedules for fitness, dance and also vocal training. It’s no doubt that the training is hard, but she endured all that to be better.

Lim Xin Performing

Lim Xin performed Kpop dance at the Young Forever 2018 Campus Countdown Party.

1st April will be the mark of a new journey for her as she will be going to STC Academy in South Korea for the two-year special training. Over there, she will be trained by the talented STC Academy personnel. Lim Xin said that she will try her very best to live up to the expectations and become a professional artist when she goes to Korea for further training.

Long-term cooperation to explore Malaysian talents

Have you guys ever heard of SM Entertainment in South Korea? Oh you know, that company that produce amazing talents such as SNSD, F(X), After School, EXO (shrieks in Hangul!) and so on. Korea’s famous star training academny “STC Academy” cooperates with IBL Education of Malaysai to develop international professional entertainment education (Edutainment).

Lim Xin Group Photo

Lim Xin took a group photo with performance team of STC Academy Korea and Orita Sinclair Singapore.

IBL Education provides Johor youngsters the opportunity to get in touch with Korean artist training and have more diversified channels.  Also, IBL Education is currently based in SME City and Educity in Iskandar Puteri. It is based on exploratory learning and Finnish education. The course covers preschool to secondary school and helps Malaysia to cultivate internationally diverse talents.

Other than that, “IBL STC Academy” is a collaboration between the IBL Education Malaysia and the famous Korean star training institute
“STC Academy”. The successful “Practitioners” will be sent to Seoul for training, and will be evolved as a high-quality artist idol by professional means. Students (individuals/combinations) have the opportunity to debut in the entertainment industry and issue singles. How awesome is that?

The Training

The “Artist Trainee Programme” is derived from the Japanese star development system. Desmond said: “Malaysia can’t have 6 to 7 years of training like Japan and South Korea. Many young people can only participate in the draft while those who are financially capable chose to self-finance the Demos or MVs but their understanding of the prerequisites of a professional artist is still lacking, so we will provide the necessary training.

Currently, we are focusing on K-POP but we strongly believe that the future of entertainment market will be highlighting on the Asian culture. With the advanced training methods of Korean entertainment industry and the elements of Southeast Asian culture, Malaysian talents will be able to transform themselves into a shining star in the Southeast Asia. WIth that in hand, the local entertainment market can be revived. ”

In addition, IBL Education representative Desmond Lok said that this trainee program is the first ever attempt. Potential artists found will be signed up as an artist.  Desmond said: “This is the first time that South Korea STC Academy has cooperated with Malaysia. If such programme successfully cultivates an artist, he hopes that this will be a long-term cooperation.”

A-Star Project 2019

Star Project

IBL STC Academy planned to organize “A-Star Project 2019” by the end of 2019. Thus, this will provide an opportunity for Malaysian youths to fight for the Korea Perfection A-Star Scholarship and the precious spot to receive training from Korea. Stay tuned to IBL STC Academy for more information regarding this event release!

Lim Xin with other trainees

IBL Education collaborated with STC Academy in Korea to host the STC Star Project, with a total of 80 participants from all over the country.

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