Upcoming Johor Container City (JCC) to be largest container mall in Asia.

container mall johor container city

Upcoming Johor Container City (JCC) to be largest container mall in Asia.

Capitalizing on the success and recognition that shipping container architecture has been gaining worldwide, Johor Container City (JCC) will be the largest container mall in Asia.

The project is being developed by 6 Star E Tourism at Bandar Permas Jaya (approximately 7 minutes from the CIQ) and is slated for completion by the end of 2017 and early 2018. It will comprise of about a hundred container units in a 46,395 m2 area, all fully air-conditioned and customizable, with water and electricity.

If you’re interested in leasing a unit, call 011-33019292 (Win) or 011-3106 6565 (Ivee) for more information.

Features and Amenities.

JCC container city is an ambitious development with high-quality assets and amenities, complete with doors and large crystal clear glass windows.  The following is a list of features and amenities that will be available upon completion of the project:

1. Night Market.
container mall johor container city shopping

A central attraction to JCC comprising of F&B outlets, clothing retailers, shoe shops and other delights. The night market is expected to bring in a steady stream of shoppers and fun-seekers every day and night.

2. A Unique Container Hotel.

A hotel based on a modular container concept will provide accommodation to tourists and guests looking to extend their stay in the area.

Simple but classy, it will encompass a small pond and surrounded by trees, giving its occupants (and shoppers) a beautiful view while they go about their business.

3. JCC Car Mart.
container mall johor container city car balloon

Comprising the largest section of the container mall, JCC Car Mart will feature an impressive car showroom that will be a work-of-art by itself and will draw the attention from just those looking to buy a new car.

The project is being developed and managed by Brandroots (M) Sd Bhd, an auto sales business with more than 20 years of experience.

JCC Car Mart will be a one-stop auto solutions provider where you’ll find everything auto-related; from accessories, tires and other maintenance services, car audio equipment, and car wash services.

4. KTV Lounges.

Also on site will be 70 KTV lounges that will feature a wide range of popular songs and excellent audio and video systems. Given the popularity of KTV entertainment in JB, JCC’s KTV lounges are expected to be a hit with locals and tourists alike.

5. Large Parking Space.

To accommodate the large number of shoppers that JCC is able to bring in, ample parking space of about 11,793 m2 will be made available to ease congestion issues.

6. 24-Hour CCTV Coverage.

CCTV monitoring will be maintained at all times for the protection of shoppers and hotel guests.

The Advantages of Shipping Container Architecture.

container mall johor hotel

Strong and Sturdy.

The decision to build a shopping mall out of container boxes is based on practicality and innovation.

Built to withstand shipment, storage and handling of heavy loads, shipping containers are very durable and possess a structural integrity that make surprisingly good materials to construct buildings from.

Versatile and Economical.

While thermal insulation is an obvious issue, shipping container architecture boasts a number of logistical benefits; they are relatively easy to stack and transport, are found everywhere in the world, and are modular making them easy to scale up – both horizontally and vertically.

And while a lot more insulation is needed to keep the metal boxes from heating up to Malaysia’s hot, hot ambient temperature, it gives the interior designers some unexpected room to flex their creativity in a very practical way. From aluminium composite panels to wooden roofs and flooring, clever and ingenious use of materials can turn an apparent problem into a beautiful opportunity!

Interested in leasing a container unit at JCC?
Call 011-33019292 (Win) or 011-3106 6565 (Ivee) for more information.

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