iPrima Media – Largest Digital Marketing Company in Sarawak

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iPrima Media – Largest Digital Marketing Company in Sarawak

Are you a business owner? Or maybe you’re interested in digital marketing in general? Perhaps your current website is floundering in the abyss that is beyond Google’s first page?

When it comes to digital marketing in this day and age, it’s do-or-die for many businesses out there. There’s no middle ground here, and there’s no way to keep up with your competitors without branding yourself en masse on the interwebs.

To be seen is to be heard. Think about it this way, if your brand isn’t seen/recognized, you won’t be able to put yourself on the map. That’s what iPrima Media is all about, we want you to be seen!

As the foremost expert in the digital marketing sector in Sarawak, iPrima Media has come a long way since its humble beginnings way back in 2017. In a short span of time, the company has become one of the largest digital marketing company in the state.

We Make Your Brand Searchable & Visible Online

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Who is iPrima Media?

iPrima Media is a friend, a partner, and a confidant. We empower you to achieve the massive growth we know your business can achieve. To reach both our goals and yours, iPrima Media is prepared to go all out and all the way. And we’ll dedicate 100% of our support to you to confidently plan, strategize, and execute your very own digital marketing strategy.

iPrima Media’s #1 goal has always been to assist businesses to achieve greatness. And we hope to help your company achieve the next level of growth both locally and internationally!

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Still not convinced? We’ll let our excellent track record speak for itself. iPrima Media has spent a huge amount of resources, time, and money to test, validate, and optimize our growth strategies. It is our hope that with our help, you’ll be able to leapfrog your competition and dominate your industry.

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To that end, we have seen more than our fair share of unique projects. More particularly, we’ve had close to 700 projects under the iPrima Media banner. And we’re happy to say that most of our past clients have given us the seal of approval!

From web development to graphic design to video animation, we’re well-equipped to handle any sort of requests our clients may have.

iPrima Partner

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If networking is the name of your game, we’d be happy to oblige. As an iPrima partner, you’ll gain access to iPrima Media’s wealth of resources and networking opportunities. Our resources include various media platforms such as Prima Buzz and Buzzytime for which you may use to expand your brand.

Your dream of building an empire starts with a tiny step. So what are you waiting for? Contact us right away!

iPrima Society

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Community. This word just about sums up iPrima Society pretty well. iPrima Society’s goal is to combine physical and online teaching models to provide a learning and communication platform for Malaysians. And as a member of this society, you’ll also gain exclusive support from iPrima’s vibrant online growth community.

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Need advice on how to grow your business further? Our community is made up of experts from a myriad of different backgrounds. Ask away!

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Or perhaps you’re just looking into digital marketing as a potential career choice? iPrima Society has online and offline courses that will make sure you take the all-important correct first step!

iPrima Talent

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Speaking of experts, our super effective digital marketing talents will help you to swiftly execute your marketing strategies. Rest assured that you can achieve the maximum ROI with our help. For those penny pinchers, don’t worry. We believe in quality at an affordable rate, so our talents’ services come at a low cost!

Attract, Engage & Convert Your Target Audience Fast

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To thrive in the uber-competitive business world today, you’ll need to be able to hold the attention of your audience. But most importantly, you’ll need to attract, engage, and convert your target audience — fast.

As the largest digital marketing company in Sarawak, iPrima Media offers an assortment of services to aid you in your quest for (business) world domination!

Website Development

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Digital marketing and web development are two peas in a pod. You can’t have one without the other. iPrima Media aims to help you to build an awesome website to represent your business and expand your brand name. Your new website will be a responsive, SEO-friendly, and conversion-centric website.

Websites are extremely important as it is usually where your target customers get to know about you first. Thus, it’s crucial that your website clearly demonstrates your unique brand. A great website allows visitors to easily find the information they need and encourages them to take action immediately. But, we don’t do great, we do better.

It is our ultimate goal to ensure that your website not only attracts your target audience but also convert them into paying customers.

Search Engine Optimization


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Have you been to the second page of Google while looking for a search term? If your answer is “rarely”, then you share a similar sentiment to a lot of people. It’s often said that only the desperate venture beyond the first 10 results posted on Google.

iPrima Media aims to help you rank on the first page of Google every single time. Whether it be targeted search terms or a particular topic, our SEO strategies will help you achieve this. So you can expect consistent long-term profits.

Social Media Marketing

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Brand awareness is especially important in digital marketing. And aside from Google, social media is an excellent platform to promote your business.

We’ll help in boosting your brand awareness and engage your target audience on major social media platforms. With the end goal to convert them into your raving fans and loyal customers.

Targeted Paid Advertising

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As the term implies, we’ll help you to raise brand awareness via targeted paid advertising on Google, Youtube, and Facebook. These platforms each have their own user database that will allow your ads to reach the right people.

With our help, you’ll maximize your brand exposure while spending less.

E-commerce Business

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Oh, your business still hasn’t taken off? Fret not, iPrima Media will help to build, launch, and fully optimize your business’ e-commerce website. Similarly, we’ll also help you to come up with a magnificent e-mail marketing strategy that will engage your potential customers in the best way!

Events & Networking

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As the largest digital marketing company in Sarawak, iPrima Media often organizes events for the community. These events offer the chance for participants to mingle, exchange ideas, and collaborate to better each other.

Events could range from workshops to courses and digital marketing seminars. So take your pick!

All in all, iPrima Media has indeed come a long way since its inception a couple of years ago. The company has risen to the ranks of not only the best but also one of the largest in the state.

So what’re you waiting for? If you’ve got a business or if you simply want to talk about an idea, hit us up!

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