iPRIMA MEDIA (Digital Marketing Agency) and BEAM Connect (Business Eco-System App) Partnership Brings Start-ups in Johor Together.

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iPRIMA MEDIA (Digital Marketing Agency) and BEAM Connect (Business Eco-System App) Partnership Brings Start-ups in Johor Together.

In an initiative to expand its operational reach in Johor, iPRIMA MEDIA, BEAM Johor, investors and industry experts have formed a strategic partnership that will bring together and empower startups in Johor, heralded by the attendance of over 50 business owners, investors and professionals.

BEAM Johor is sponsored by Austin 18, the only business suite located between the Tebrau and Mount Austin area. The goal of the event was to provide a point of first contact for local industry players to come together and discuss, share and form strategic partnerships. BEAM Johor will be the starting point where startups in Johor can begin their journey to success.

Addressing the guests was a distinguished panel of speakers; David Lim, co-founder of GaGa Malaysia; Douglas Gan, co-founder of Vanitee; Abdul Wahab, founder of VRgini; Pierre Chua, founder of TimeV. The addresss covered the essentials of starting up a successful business, where the speakers talked about their experiences, the challenges they faced and their solutions.

When asked how startups secured funding from investors, David Lim, through the MC, explained, “Many people think that startups are easy – that as long as you have an idea you’d secure funding. But the reality is that it’s not so easy. If you do not create value or attractiveness for the customer, then you’ll not be able to secure funding.”

“Also, a lot of [business owners] use Facebook or Google apps just to get customers to download it, but if there is no stickiness [attractiveness] to the app then they will simply delete it. This was one of the biggest challenges that I faced.”

“Of course, after settling the issue of funding and stickiness, then you’ll need to have a clear model on how you’re going to make money. If you don’t have that then investors are not going to want to invest in your product.”

Abdul Wahab also added, “Being broke is actually a good thing. The more broke you are, the more stuff you can do with higher efficiency. You can find ways to do things without money. [For example] We found ourselves a few good student programmers, who were willing to work for us not because we were going to pay them a really good salary, but because they were going to work on something they love.”

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