5 Essential Installations in Designing a Contemporary Kitchen

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5 Essential Installations in Designing a Contemporary Kitchen

Choosing installations for a contemporary kitchen has always been a challenge. In fact, the most significant elements in the kitchen are the ones neglected.

Back in the days, the kitchen was always designed to be a confined and isolated space. Today, people want a spacious and comfortable kitchen not only for cooking. But to allow a better flow in spatial change between the rooms of the house.

Contemporary kitchens are the trend to follow and it is what the world is looking at right now. A minimalist layout with the choices of simple colors defines a contemporary room. But to create a functional and modern kitchen is not as easy as it sounds. Here is a few essential elements to emphasize while designing your contemporary kitchen.


Your countertop covers most of the surfaces in your kitchen. So it plays a big role in the design and functionality of the kitchen. A high quality of countertop will not only make your kitchen chores more enjoyable, but also liven up your kitchen with style. Non-porous countertop surfaces are resistant to harmful bacteria. Such as the high density quartz stones. It promotes a safe hygienic choice for your family, especially if you have small children.


The walls contribute the base color of the room. So the choice of color is critical, a slight change in color will leave the room with a different visual impact. Light base color provides simplicity and minimalism to the room. To give some sophistication to the walls, some prefer the choice of wood series walls. Aside from the visual aspect, the quality we find in kitchen walls is a resistance to stains and moisture. It is important to choose walls with a warm, appealing ambiance while being sustainable.


Like the walls, the quality we want for the flooring is a resistance to moisture, scratches, and stains. The practical usage of the floor is important but it does not have to be dull and boring. With the right pattern and color of flooring, it will give your kitchen a refreshing and clean look. The color of the floor decides the mood of the room. Darker colors provide a classic presence while lighter colors achieve the effect of minimalism. Besides, the right flooring allows a smoother interconnection between the rooms in your home.


Both cabinets and countertops act as the highlights of the room, bringing a strong visual impact. The choice of colors for the cabinets and countertops are usually countered. This further strengthen the visual shock and create the contemporary atmosphere. Black and white are usually preferred. But the combination of gray or dark brown wooden series and white also produces an impressive yet welcoming ambiance. Practically speaking, storage is the main purpose of installing cabinets. Although some might neglect the usage of the cabinets and care only for the appearance. But they will soon realize its importance when they want some basic parameters to separate wines from knives.

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Any chef or home cook will know that the pre and post cooking take most of the time. So, a practically designed sink will come in handy during food preparation and cleaning. The maintenance of the sink is what we should be considering while choosing a sink for your kitchen. The sink must be easy to clean and does not keep moisture, hindering the growth of algae and clotting of dirt in hard to reach spots. The appearance of the sink must also be modern to match with the whole room. A coupled marble or quartz countertop for the sink will be a perfect choice for a contemporary kitchen. Overall, the sink has to be spick and span, as well as stylish and sophisticated at all times.

Before designing your contemporary kitchen, the first thing you should do is budgeting. Fridge and cabinets are what you need. But if you cook very often, go for the best installations, and take that as an investment in yourself and your family.

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