Insta-worthy! New Miri Street Murals

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Insta-worthy! New Miri Street Murals

New Miri street murals are popping up around town. They are scattered throughout the city’s center. Mayor Adam Yii said the murals were all sponsored by private enterprises. He continued that these initiatives are very welcomed as they beautify Miri’s landscape.

These new Miri street murals are fresh and exciting additions to Miri. These murals are very well received among the community. Especially so among youngsters who have a knack for art. Hopefully, they can follow in the footsteps of the infamous Penang Street Art.

These will be your new must-go-to places to “do it for the gram”. We see the biggest one of the new Miri street murals easily stealing the spotlight. It’ll surely become a staple photo spot for Mirian’s and visitors in the near future. 

These will be much like that Wall of Gum in Seattle, the Pike Place Market Gum Wall. Or, those angel wings murals in LA that everyone poses in front of.

miri street murals-miri-balloons1

The artist nearing completion on the biggest mural near the entrance to Miri Times Square


The completed Niah Caves entrance overlooking the sea mural

Who are the Michelangelos behind these surreal murals?

Apparently, these two murals were painted by two different artists. The man with magic hands behind the big “MIRI” mural is a well known Sarawakian artist. He goes by the alias “jagung1991“. You can check out his Instagram below for the completed photos of this mural. He even shows a before photo. 

The man with magic hands behind the Niah Caves Miri street murals is a renowned artist cum calligrapher. His name is  Then Chan Fah of The Miri Tzyy Yang Philosophy Studies Institute.

What are the murals of?

First one is near the entrance to Miri Times Square. It’s right beside the new Public Bank Mutual branch. This mural is the biggest of the few. It’s a mural of inflated letter balloons that spell our “MIRI”. The mural is 2D but the artist made it look 3D and surreal!

miri street murals-miri-balloons1

Another one is situated right by the open-air market. It’s in the old market area of Miri. It’s overlooking those well-known food stalls. This one is supposed to be of Miri’s renowned Niah Caves that lead out to a beautiful beach. 

niah-caves-miri street mural

While taking the photos, guys I assume to be behind the Miri street murals approached us. And, told us there were more like the one we were photographing in the works. If you know of any other new murals, let us know in the comments!

Check Out These New Miri Street Murals Soon!


A closeup of the detailing on the mural showing details


A closeup of the Niah Caves mural showing off the attention to detail in the mural

Take a pic or 2 or more! Go nuts doing it for the gram at these murals. When we went to photograph the murals today, the biggest one was nearly done. If you go within a few days we’re sure it’ll be complete and definitely Insta-ready. Enjoy!

Drop a comment to let us know what other places in Miri are Insta-worthy to you! We’d love to check them out.

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