Content Marketing and SEO – How to Promote Your Website.

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Content Marketing and SEO – How to Promote Your Website.

Let’s use a couple of analogies to crudely describe my meaning: the Internet is the “stage”, Google is the “circus manager”, and SEO are the “talent scout munchkins” that get you noticed by Google.

Many of us get so caught up with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that we forget that there’s a lot more to building a brand then just being visible. While content marketing and SEO are often talked of as two completely entities, the fact of the matter is that they complement each other naturally.

The question of how to promote your website depends on how well you combine the two elements. SEO helps to make your website/blog/article “findable” on search engine results like Google (search engine advertising), but how you use content marketing to speak to your audience will determine the real success. After all, a business is fundamentally a relationship between a service provider and their customers, and good business thrives on a healthy relationship between the two. So how can content marketing and SEO help startups get noticed in the big world?

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That certainly got your attention – but it’s the food that matters…

It’s hard to be unique, but SEO and Content Marketing can help you stand out.

While progressive society often expounds the virtues of creativity and innovation and how the results of it would naturally sell themselves, the truth is that the vast of majority of businesses deal in products and services that aren’t very unique to the rest. This premise unfortunately manifests itself as competition.

For a long time successful businesses have relied on value-added services to help it stand out from the competition. In a wet market a fish monger who’s honest, picks the best, freshest fish for his customer and cleans it while chatting amiably with said customer is actually doing an value-added service. He’s demonstrating honesty, expertise, willingness to go the extra mile to serve, and having high-regard for his customers. This buys their hearts over – and people prefer to do business with people they like. Clever, yes?

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Because ultimately they’re paying…

And they want to know why they should. At its purest, good content marketing is used to communicate what your company is to its customers and what it has to offer. An example is to demonstrate how it practices good business ethics, and/or how it operates in an environmentally friendly way, which are two important characteristics of businesses that’s highly regarded by society today.

Content marketing is also the perfect tool for companies to share their knowledge and expertise that’s helpful to their audience, which in turn does wonders to promote your website as representing your company as a generous authorities in their field.

Let’s use a couple of analogies to crudely describe my meaning: the Internet is the “stage”, Google is the “circus manager”, and SEO are the “talent scout munchkins” that get you noticed by Google. Google then hires you (by placing you on the first page of their search results) and now you’re the spotlight. What you do next, whether it’s a song or a tragedy drama, is up to you. Know that this song/performance act is what content marketing on the Internet.

And if you amaze your audience they’re likely to keep coming back for more – and happily give hand you their money. Some of them might even turn into rabid fans of your cause; crazies who would raze the Internet world (figuratively speaking) to defend/advocate your brand name). These returning customers are also a great source of organic traffic.

Why Digital Marketing? Because Content Marketing x SEO is more affordable.

Even if content marketing and SEO might not be as powerful as a traditional full-blown banner ad at the waiting area of the MRT station, the cost of online marketing/branding is low enough that it simply can’t be ignored. Also, be mindful that big banner ads only really work for brands that are already well known, and mostly serve as a form of indirect suggestion. Physical space is expensive in a dense city like Singapore, and small start-ups do not have the star-power to leverage on, making this route of advertising inefficient at best and a complete waste of time at worst.

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You’re not just paying for the advertisement – you’re also paying for a piece of prime real-estate.

Volume isn’t everything, as the age-old debate of good versus evil, light versus dark – or, in this context, quality versus quantity, rears its clichéd metaphorical head once more. Even more specifically; Google keyword searches. Speaking to a single person who’s interested in joining your club is better than trying to convince ten others who are completely disinterested (in fact there’s a chance that you’d come off as annoying – and they’re going to tell their friends about it as well). This does not help promote your website.

This is reflected in the use SEO and content marketing in digital advertising. When a direct keyword search is made, it is a good indication that the query was made by someone who’s dead set on finding something very, very specific. This person is already looking for something, so when that person finally clicks into your website (which SEO helped point to), you’d better be sure that your content marketing is enough to reel him/her in. Remember, a happy customer is a paying customer!

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