How to Grow Your Business Using Chatbots

How to Grow Your Business Using Chatbots

With thousands of advertising messages bombarding us every single day, it is imperative for us (business owners) to do whatever it takes to grab (and keep) more attention and build relationship with our target audience.

The fact is, we are always looking out for the latest and most powerful tools to help us deliver more value to our customers and grow our business.

Enter the relationship chatbots (particularly on Facebook Messenger).

Even though chatbots had existed back in 2011, this powerful relationship building tool didn’t get much attention from small businesses (and their audience) until recently.

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The Power of the Chatbots

The conversational interface of chats makes it simpler for our customers and prospects to connect with us. We can now appear and behave like our customers’ friends hanging out with them on their Facebook Messenger 24/7.

But that does not mean that we leave everything to our chatbot. And we definitely do not want to irritate our chat audience with hard-selling.

Instead, we can use our chatbot to court our target audience, and develop the relationship before we join in the conversation to take them further down our sales funnel.

The thing is, using chatbots strategically will help us drive higher levels of engagement, more customer satisfaction, and ultimately higher sales conversions.

Many marketers and business owners are seeing much higher open rates (up to 90% and more) and engagement when using messenger bot chat sequences, compared to conventional emails sequences.

And having chatbots to execute “smart-engage” 24/7 will help increase the intimacy between our customers and us.

But before you jump onto the chatbot bandwagon, or worse, treat the chatbot as another bright shiny object (because it’s not, and it’s here to stay), you still need to get the fundamentals right first.

That means you still have to first segment your target audience by their awareness levels, identify their pains — and get a deep understanding of their emotions along their journey.

Only then you can create purposeful content, craft value-driven conversations — and map out meaningful chat sequences to engage and nurture your target audience with your bots.

When done right, you will find it easier to deliver customer satisfaction and build deeper relationships — which will ultimately help you reduce your customer acquisition costs, increase their lifetime value, and consistently grow your business profits.

How You Can Use Your Relationship ChatBot

With chatbots, you can easily provide 24/7 availability, giving helpful and appropriate instant replies to your customers based on their behavior and responses to your strategic automated chat sequences.

Use your chatbot to find out your customers’ user experience and get suggestions from them (with higher chance of them responding, compared to email surveys) — so you can continually improve your current product or service to serve them better.

You can also sequence your chatbot to “edutain” (educate and entertain) your chat subscribers, to increase engagement and build their loyalty.

You can even deliver your lead magnets to your prospects using your bot from your squeeze page.

So, if you are keen to ride this rising trend to grow your business, you can start with Manychat or Chatfuel to build your relationship chatbot.

Manychat and Chatfuel are powerful and intuitive platforms where you can craft automated behavior-based chat sequences for your welcome and away messages, your Facebook page posts, as well as your Facebook messenger ads.

You can easily segment your target audience based on their engagement using simple chat AI, and engage with them purposefully using your chatbot to serve them best.

Ride the Bot Trend to More Profits

If you’ve read till this point, chances are, you see the great potential of using chatbots to grow your business and get ahead of your competitors.

Start sending people to your relationship bot from your website, Facebook posts, and ads. So that you can get more qualified leads, build new relationships and turn more conversations into sales.

Learn more at Manychat here and start growing your business with your relationship chatbots today!

To Your Success!

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