Having issues with car rental in Miri? | Miri Car Rental Recomendation

Car Rental Issues

Having issues with car rental in Miri? | Miri Car Rental Recomendation

In the current era, most people in Miri, Sarawak have their own car as a method of transportation and it has become the main option when people want to travel places. Hence, having a car by your side will give you peace of mind. These are the two common groups of people who need to rent a car in Miri: tourist and business traveler. 

It’s more convenient to have a vehicle by your side if you are traveling for business especially if some of you need to travel to further places like Marudi, Niah Cave, etc, planes can’t get you there. Of course, I know some of you need to travel to Bintulu and therefore a high-performance vehicle is of utmost importance.

Rent car Miri

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However, a car rental company in Malaysia needs to be legally registered and such companies will need to be approved by relevant departments and acquire related approved documents before they can commence business.

What is illegal car rental?

Illegal car rental can be understood as renting a private vehicle owned by individuals. On average, these cars are slightly cheaper compared to legal car rental companies because they do not need to afford license fees so this becomes a way for people to earn extra money. Giving up safety and security for cheaper but illegal rental cars are not recommended because you and your travel partners are not insured and protected.

How to distinguish legal and illegal car rental?

How are we going to distinguish legal and illegal car rental? The easiest way to notice the difference is illegal car rentals are commonly rented out through individual names and legal car rentals are usually a well-established company. The second way is to observe the pricing, which we can confirm illegal car rentals are definitely cheaper than the legal ones.

Puspakom Sticker

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The reason why legal car rental companies have to charge slightly higher is that every car they own needs to be registered and verified by PUSPAKOM, a vehicle inspection center before they are considered as legal. Apart from that, you can check if there is a hexagon sticker approved by PUSPAKOM and their JPJ ( Road Transport Department)  license has to have the word ‘ Perdagangan’ meaning commercial use registered. If both are positive then you can rest assured that it is a legal car to rent.

Perdagangan License Car Rental


Tips to take note while renting a car?

  1. Run a check for both the interior and exterior of the vehicle to see if there is any damages. If yes, grab pictures of it using your mobile phone
  2. Only legal car rentals have the right to accept payment for car insurance.

Let me recommend a few legal companies to you for car rental in Miri so you can save time for other stuff!

TL Car Rental Miri

TL Car Rental Miri

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TL Car Rental has a variety of vehicles for you to choose at a reasonable price and all their pricing is listed in their Facebook page and website, make sure to check them out!Most importantly, they are known for their clean and neat, definitely with the money! TL car Rental also provides car rental services for marriage purposes so if you want to have a taste of enjoying yourself in a premium car during your wedding, Whatsapp them for the best custom pricing.

Address:No 183, Jalan Permaisuri, Kampung Wireless, 98000 Miri, Sarawak

Contact:011-1095 8483



Marriage Car Rental


FT Travel Services Sdn Bhd

FT Travel

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Apart from Miri, they also have branches in Sabah, Sibu, and Bintulu!

Address:Suite 3-11, 3rd Floor, (Lvl 4), Soon Hup Tower, Jln Maju, 98000 Miri, Sarawak

Contact:013 837 0047


Lex Car Rental Miri

Lex Car Miri

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This company has more foreign customers and they provide airport shuttle service as well.

Address:Desa Indah, 7273, Jalan Dato Permaisuri 3A, Bandar Baru Permyjaya, 98000 Miri, Sarawak

Working hours: 6:00 am – 10:00 pm (Mon-Sun)

Contact:013 805 3143

Rex Car Miri Customer

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HRB Car Rental

HRB car rental Miri

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Contact: 019 233 6923/ 013 883 6923

Email: hrbserv@gmail.com

These are the few car rental companies in Miri we listed out for you to refer only, if you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact them directly. On the whole, a good performance vehicle at your side while traveling gives you more security and fewer concerns on the journey. I hope you understood more about renting a car in Miri and if you want to know more about Miri, you can visit Primabuzz for more info!

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