Let’s Have Hope!

Have Hope, Be Positive, and Start Again are the three slogans to keep in mind with COVID-19 spreading all over the world. Our current MCO state in Malaysia has completely impacted the livelihoods of Malaysian workers, particularly those who are working in Singapore. These are propelling by the local legislature to prevent COVID-19 from further spreading in the country. Malaysians  adhere to this as this will be the best way to spare the nation from the pandemic. Meanwhile, huge numbers of them are starting to doubt their futures, unsure if they would be able to restart their livelihoods after the MCO or face being jobless and destitute for a couple of months.

Yuki Ng, an experienced soul who has gone through the same ups and downs as her fellow Malaysians, initiated this LIFE RESTART campaign to help Malaysian workers trapped in Singapore due to the MCO period. Ms Ng understands and believes that such a campaign is important as many Malaysians are losing their jobs and homes due to our  current economic disruption, yet still with hope and looking for a brighter future. She is thus looking for Malaysians facing unemployment and homelessness to help them pick themselves up and give them the hope to start again.

“Hope lies in dreams, in imagination, and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality.” Yuki Ng advised seven prominent companies in Johor Bahru with those words, hoping that they will have the same positive effect on her fellow Malaysians and help them turn their dreams into reality.

It is tough to live without a proper or permanent job these days. We are nothing without a job, for without a job, we have no salary. And without a salary, we have no money. Then how to survive? Here is the second biggest problem we Malaysians are currently facing: Homelessness. Imagine starving and shivering because you have no roof over your head, having to seek help to find a shelter, getting kicked out from rental rooms because you can’t pay for your rent, or finding only rooms with high rental fees. 

The No Stress When Life Restart Campaign is here to help you solve all your problems! You can now stay positive as Life Restart is featuring these 7 companies to bring smiles back to your faces. Now, let us rewind to when the economy stopped. Despite these dark times, we are hoping for the best gain after defeat and failure, to produce the inner strength and toughness. So stay with us till the end! No chances of failure anymore!

iPrima Media, HM Synergy, DHM and CT Unity are here to give you a better future. These 4 companies not only provide you with exciting jobs but also training sessions to develop your performance together with them. Digital Marketer, Insurance agent, Live host and Property agent are some of the jobs provided by these companies. 

iPrima Media is responsible for making businesses in Johor Searchable & Visible Online while ensuring their brands are Trustable & Memorable to their clients! This Digital Marketing agency empowers you to achieve MASSIVE GROWTH with 100% dedicated support to help you confidently PLAN, STRATEGISE & EXECUTE  — so that you can scale LOCALLY & GLOBALLY. In fact, everyone can become a digital marketer and attend their training sessions to achieve sustainable growth. As a digital marketer, you will get opportunities to learn web design, social media marketing, website writing, SEO, and other digital marketing skills.

iprima media

Credits: iPrima Media

HM Synergy’s mission is to Build a Healthy, Harmonious and Dynamic Team, Practise the Principle of Good Faith, Cultivate a Group of Professionals, and Boost High Productivity of Insurance Entrepreneurs. HM Synergy provides consultation and services on debt risk management and financial planning for individuals and businesses. GOOD NEWS! They are now hiring people interested in becoming insurance agents. New employees will be provided with professional product knowledge and training for online and offline sales.


Credits: HM Synergy

Dream Home Maker (DHM)  is the first Malaysian Ed-commerce platform for house owners (For Design And Renovation).  DHM connects homeowners, interior designers, renovation vendors, and developers. This platform also employs Live Hosts to increase audience engagement with their products, upcoming videos, content, and designs. Dream Home Maker not only creates a friendly working environment for their employees but also helps them boost their lives. Being a live host in DHM can help an employee become more creative and effective.


Credits: DHM

CT Unity is one of the property specialist organizations located in southern Peninsular Malaysia. Their qualified and experienced property experts can advise you on the methodologies and assurance you need in making good decisions. An opportunity to consult one of their property agents to help you make a better future!

CT Unity

Credits: CT Unity

In addition, 3 companies – Airbnb, Roof Talk, Rentradise and Widebed – are offering rental rooms or hostels at low costs. Don’t believe us? Roof Talk, Rentradise, and Widebed are providing clean, comfortable, and conducive rooms that you cannot find anywhere else. This helps you to save on transport and reduce your daily expenses. Sweet deal, right? These are the special offers these three companies are offering to combat homelessness in our country. 

Roof Talk is well-renowned for its essential dormitories and rooms with shared washrooms, all in a nautical-themed inn set with free Wi-Fi and ultra-cooling air-conditioners. In addition, Roof Talk offers free parking  so that clients can park and leave their vehicles in a secure environment. Also, clothing and smoking facilities are easily accessible here. Don’t let the two-star rank put you off; Roof Talk offers phenomenal neatness, solace, administration services, and amenities. 

Roof Talk

Credits: Roof Talk

Rentradise is now providing services for those who are looking a long-term stay of between one to 12 months in Johor Bahru. It is located near city facilities and essential services while providing solace and privacy. Rentradise prioritises safety and convenience for especially those looking for rest after a long journey. This condo-like settlement includes Wi-Fi for all units, inclusive of low deposit payments for long-term stays.

rentradise logo

Credits: Rentradise

Widebed is known as a comprehensive short-term rental host and concierge services platform based in Malaysia, with operations throughout Southeast Asia. In addition, Widebed provides modest rental fees with zero pressure and boutique-style condos at affordable costs. This can be the perfect environment to thrive in as it is calm, peaceful, and close to  panoramic views.


Credits: Widebed

A brighter future is assured with Life Restart, so never give up and join this campaign to kickstart a new life. We hope you can enjoy this triple-blessing of working, learning, and staying all under one roof.  Never Give Up, No Second Thoughts! Give this campaign a try with hope and patience, and who knows? You may become the next big thing in Malaysia.

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