61st Annual Grammy Awards 2019: Unforgettable Takeaways

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61st Annual Grammy Awards 2019: Unforgettable Takeaways

It’s award season.  And, last night was the 61st Annual Grammy Awards 2019’s turn in the string of star-studded award shows.

Did you catch music’s biggest night? Or did you accidentally forget about it and missed it? Whether you need a recap of what you saw or don’t want to miss out what you didn’t watch, worry not.

Here are the biggest takeaways from music’s biggest night in 2019.

Alicia’s Tribute To Songs She Wished She’d Written

alicia-keys-performance-grammy awards 2019

Alicia Keys and her two piano setup (Image via rollingstone.com)

The Grammy Awards 2019 hostess was no short of a great entertainer. Her hosting was inclusive and her compliments plentiful for artists in attendance. One of the coolest moments in her hosting was her tribute to all the songs she wished she’d written.

For this, armed with her usual piano get-go, she belted out new songs by Juice WRLD, Ella Mai, Kings of Leon and others. She also sang oldies like Roberta Flack’s “Killing Me Softly With His Song” and Lauryn Hill’s “Doo Wop (That Thing)”.

The singer even slipped in her and Jay-Z’s very own “Empire State of Mind” in the mix. She sang all these songs while playing two pianos at once. Effortlessly showing off her piano virtuoso status.

Cardi B: Humble Beginnings to Rap Gold

cardi-b-best-rap-grammy awards 2019

Cardi B giving her acceptance speech for Best Rap Album (Image via inews.co.uk)

It’s true. Cardi B “don’t gotta dance now, she make money move”. Cardi B managed to bag the GRAMMY for Best Rap Album. A big feat especially in the male-dominated genre. She became the first solo female act to win the award.

It’s so nice to see the used-to-be erotic dancer has come this far. Cardi was distraught and flooded with nerves upon accepting her GRAMMY. Accompanied onstage hubby and fellow rapper, Offset.

Hustle hard and you make it. Cardi winning reminded us why we watch the 3++ hour-long show every year. To see the underdogs make it big. Her Grammy Awards 2019 performance also happened to be one of the best of the night.

We Were Reminded Lady Gaga is Still The Lady Gaga We Love

lady-gaga-the-shallow-grammy awards 2019

Lady Gaga in the midst of her flairful performance of “The Shallow” (Image via rollingstone.com)

It’s no surprise “A Star is Born” is making such waves after its release. The movie’s main soundtrack, “Shallow” won the GRAMMY for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance. So, it was a given that it’d be performed at the Grammy Awards 2019.

Bradley Cooper missed out the Grammy Awards 2019 for BAFTAs but the show still went on for Lady Gaga. This ballad is usually performed more emotionally. But Lady Gaga belted it out this time in true rock and roll formHer performance reminded us that Lady Gaga was still the queen of unconventional performances.

She slinked across the stage, throwing her choppy, wavy blond hair back and forth. All in a skin-tight dazzling bodysuit with much gusto. The performance was so true to Lady Gaga eccentricity, that by the end of the night, she was a viral internet meme.

Flashback To The Past: Motown Tribute

 grammy awards 2019-Jlo-smokey-motown

J. Lo and Smokey Robinson performing the Motown tribute (Image via grammy.com)

While this performance was no short of critique, we disagree. We aren’t upset about it at all. J. Lo pulled out all the stops and did justice to groovy and classic Motown tunes. Even though, Motown is far from her origins of the Bronx.

She did everything. From multiple snazzy outfit changes in between tunes to classic go-go dance moves. She even was singing in an unconventional register to tunes like “Dancing in the Streets”.

The performance was eclectically nostalgic. And proved to be a Motown classics trove of a performance. I’d say it was my favorite performance of the night. And, that said not with bias because “My Girl” is one of my favorite songs ever. But, her “My Girl” bit with Smokey Robinson put a big smile on my face.

Asian Representation by K-Pop’s Number 1  Boyband BTS

 bts-h.e.r.-grammy awards 2019

BTS presenting the award to H.E.R. (Image via grammy.com)

Music’s biggest night didn’t miss K-Pop’s number 1 boyband BTS. The only boyband to debut number 1 on Billboard 200 became the only K-Pop group ever to grace the Grammy stage. Marking a momentous milestone for Asians in music.

Although the group wasn’t there to receive a GRAMMY, they still got to present the Best R&B Album award. Hopefully next year, BTS will grace the stage again to receive and not just present a GRAMMY. That’ll sure be even more momentous for Asians

No Shortage of No-Shows at Even Music’s Biggest Night

You’d think it being music’s biggest night was enough to get the biggest stars to attend the Grammy Awards 2019. But, nope. “A Star Is Born” star Bradley Cooper missed out to attend the BAFTAs.

Even Record of The Year and a couple other awards winner with “This is America”, Childish Gambino missed out. Despite him being the first ever hip-hop artist to win the Record of The Year award. This is due to the Grammy Awards history of disrespecting hip-hop.

Some other stars didn’t show up due to discontent. Ariana Grande didn’t show up but still shined at home. This decision came after Grammy Awards 2019 producer banned her from performing her new hit “7 Rings”. She was still crowned with Best Pop Vocal Album GRAMMY for “Sweetener”.


The outfit Ariana Grande would have donned had she chose to attend (Image via Ariana Grande’s Instagram)

Many other big-name music stars were AWOL too. The likes of Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, Rihanna, Kanye West, and Ed Sheeran were all MIA.

Grammy Awards 2019 – One to Remember


Lady Gaga, Jada Pinkett Smith, Alicia Keys, Michelle Obama, and J. Lo at the opening (Image via people.com)

This year’s Grammy Awards was one to remember. Women of music really stepped up and old music got the spotlight it missed.

While many of music’s biggest stars weren’t in attendance, the show still went over 3 ½ hours long. Proves you don’t need the biggest names there to make it big.

Honorable mentions for unforgettable takeaways include the Dolly Parton 5 song tribute. And, let’s not forget Michelle Obama’s show opening. The former First Lady of USA opened the show alongside Lady Gaga, J. Lo, Jada Pinkett Smith and the hostess, Alicia Keys.

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