Gold Noodle House: DIY Your Own Instant Noodles!

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Gold Noodle House: DIY Your Own Instant Noodles!

In memories, there’s a delicacy called instant noodles.
It’s the driving force for endless OTs;
it’s also the go-to food for suppers;
it’s even our childhood memories!
Simple taste; yet an important existence.
The unspectacular instant noodles have become one of our daily necessities.

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Mirians, we love to be the bearer of good news. Do you know the recently celebrated “Gold Noodle House”, yet? Its official opening last month has caused a heated discussion among netizens. Just what’s so special with “Gold Noodle House”? Let us do a run-through for you.

1. It provides a variety of tastes from all over the world

Gold Noodle House Provides A Variety of Taste From All Over The World

Image via Gold Noodle House Facebook

Though instant noodles are a very common commodity, there are still differences in terms of taste. “Gold Noodle House” specializes in bringing together all kinds of featured instant noodles from different countries. It’s their aim to provide Mirians an opportunity to taste the famous instant noodles around the world, such as Samyang Double Spicy, Ibumie Mee Goreng Kapitan and Paldo Korean Noodle.

2. It provides self-selected side dishes

Gold Noodle House Provides Self-Selected Side Dishes

Image via Gold Noodle House Facebook

“Gold Noodle House” offers a selection of side dishes such as fried chicken, broccolis, small sausages, carrots, cheeses, cheese tofus and more. Unlike the monotonous instant noodles that you usually eat at home, these side dishes enrich the taste of instant noodles. In this way, you are free to choose your favourite side dishes; DIY instant noodles exclusive to you.

3. It provides homemade featured drinks and snacks

Gold Noodle House Provides Homemade Featured Drinks And Snacks

Image via Gold Noodle House Facebook

I believe many of you have the same doubts. Does “Gold Noodle House” sell ONLY instant noodles? The answer is “No”! They also sell homemade featured drinks like Fizzling Apple, Fizzling Honey Peach, Fizzling Yogurt Lemon, etc. The bubble smell of fresh fruits, with the blending sweet and sour tastes, alleviates the grueling summer heat. Furthermore, there are also a variety of snacks, such as chicken-flavored popcorn, onion rings, chicken chops, French fries, etc.; they are the first choice of party snacks!

4. It is the preferred place for supper

Gold Noodle House Is The Preferred Place For Supper

Image via Gold Noodle House Facebook

“Gold Noodle House” is open from 11am to 1am – a supper place just nice for gathering with your circle of friends. What’s more, there are also small games available, so you can have some entertainment while enjoying your food.

Gold Noodle House Instant Noodles

Image via Gold Noodle House Facebook

So instant noodle fans, hurry to the “Gold Noodle House” today! Pick your favorite flavors, choose your side dishes and DIY your own instant noodles away!

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