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Top 5 expensive cities to live - Not Your Average Millennial Blog

The world’s five most expensive cities to live


The world’s five most expensive cities to live

Ever wonder where is the most Expensive Cities To Live? Let me show you guys the TOP five richest cities or neighborhood!


1) Beverly Hill

Beverly hills – home to some of America’s celebrities, including Hollywood stars and Los Angeles tycoons, Beverly hills is one of the most famous neighborhoods in the bay area. This residential area with a radius of more than 10 kilometers is like a fairyland in the world. So if you go to Hollywood instead of Beverly hills, it’s like going to Beijing instead of the Great Wall.

Prices for villas here are eye-popping, with the average price around $6 million and the lowest at $5 million. It is not only has the most completed living facilities, but also is a popular tourist attraction spot. Many international conferences are often held here in here. Owning a house here is not easy, the world famous singer Jackson just rented the mansion of famous Chinese painter ding shaoguang here, this covers an area of 11,000 square meters independent villa is worth 30 million dollars. But Jackie chan has a villa here as well. The room number is 1705.

beverly hills

Image by Roselie from Pixabay 


2) Hawkes Bay

Hawkes Bay –  East of Hawkes Bay in New Zealand is the located in the vast Pacific Ocean, with its rugged cliffs and treacherous terrain. The hawker bay area has a Mediterranean climate, rich land and beautiful scenery, dotted with many historic vineyards that produce New Zealand’s famous table wine.

The popular historical building such as the twin cities, napier and Hastings have been rebuilt in a modern, artistic style since 1931, when they were destroyed by an earthquake and fire outbreak. Hawkes bay is renowned for its modern ARTDECO architecture. Stroll along ARTDECO avenue in napier and enjoy the unique architectural style and art culture of the world.

red wine

image by stevepb from pixabay


3) Repulse Bay

Repulse bay – Repulse bay is located in the southern part of Hong Kong island. It is famous as the most upscale residential area in Hong Kong. Repulse bay is a great place for people to relax and spend their holidays.

People can come here to barbecue, swim and drink tea. The empress of heaven statue and view audio and video, as well as longevity pavilion, longevity bridge are famous attractions, the living environment is quite good.

repulse bay

Image by falco from Pixabay 


4. Long Island

Long island: located in New York state, long island is a distinctive suburban, classy neighborhood. Long island is far from the city, very beautiful environment, good security, and ordinary housing form a clear boundary. The price of luxury homes in the rich areas of long island is more than $1 million, and has been rising rapidly year by year, about 15% a year.

Long island’s wealthy residents, mostly doctors, lawyers and self-employed businessmen from New York, have some financial clout. Most of these people buy houses to live on their own, and a small part to invest. But now more and more wenzhounese are buying homes on long island, mainly for investment, resale or rent. Although not the most expensive in the world, hundreds of years of construction have made it one of the world’s most famous classic wealthy neighborhoods.

long island

Image by Elias Sch. from Pixabay 


5. Noosa Heads

Noosa Heads – “Noosa” is derived from the aboriginal word of Noothera, meaning shady place in the scenic Australian city of Brisbane. Since 1960, Noosa’s beautiful beaches have been a mecca for surfers and have gradually become a world-famous resort. The beautiful nusha national park and the water lovers’ paradise kurula national park are both here, which is really the best place for people to visit on the beach. Noosa heads, an affluent area located here, it has a more distinctive temperament.

First, it is expensive, with the cheapest sea-view mansion costing more than 1.4 million USD. Second, I’m afraid this is the best place in the world for the best leisure life. Because this is the essence of the sunshine coast. The white sand beach spreads out the fundus, the soft wave laps the shore, everywhere shows the carefree atmosphere. The people who live in Noosa bay are very warm and easygoing.noose heads

Image by Bernd Müller from Pixabay


Tell us Where Do You Want To Live For The Rest Of Your Life ?


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