New Flash and Mobile Gaming website New Flash and Mobile Gaming website

Are you bored? World news headlines get you down? Need a new distraction to keep the blues away, or just looking for new game to while away the time for the trip back home? For those of you who have never tried out Flash/browser games before and you’re suffering from any of the abovementioned symptoms then there’s not better time to venture into the world of mobile gaming.

Simple, Yet Entertaining

Though not likely to win many gaming awards, Flash/browser games are very popular and the little corners of the Internet are filled with websites dedicated to this hassle-free form of gaming, which is almost always completely free. The variety is so great that everyone is gets to pick their poison. is a new Flash game site that keeps up with the latest developments in Flash and Mobile gaming.

While it is still under construction, is looking promising and is already populated with an interesting line-up of games ranging from action, adventure, arcade, puzzle, dress-up, sports, fighting and more. Newcomers will be pleasantly surprised by what they could find hidden away here.

Easy to find

GamesCreek flash games mobile games

The site features large thumbnails and easy navigation. A short description for each game is provided when you click on your selected game.

Navigating the site is easy with clear, large interface buttons and links which are very readable. New or featured game titles appear on the main page or you can browse games by archive and category by clicking on the genre category in the side-bar. A search tool is available for those who know what they’re looking for.GamesCreek flash games mobile games

Each game featured comes with a thumbnail graphic accompanied with a short description and user rating. A side-bar announcement feed tracks and updates users on the latest games. Registration is quick after which the site opens up all its games to you. So have fun!

Here’s a list of other Flash game and Mobile game sites to get you started:

  1. Kongregate, – One of the best Flash game repositories. Features a tonne of high-quality goodies with online multiplayer capability.
  2. Armor Games, – Meant for a more mature audience, Armor Games is filled with titles with more serious themes. The site is heavier with ads, but it’s well-worth the wait.
  3. PopCap, – The creators of hits Plants VS. Zombies and Bejewelled. While not free, PopCap’s games have been so popular that they’ve been snatched up by EA, which is a cause of concern to many gamers but will not be discussed here. They aren’t expensive, either. Plants VS Zombies 2 is currently free in the Apple App Store while the Plants VS Zombies 1 and the HD version are going for US$0.99.
    flash games mobiles games

    Figure 2: Plants VS Zombies is a surprisingly entertaining game which has garnered a considerable following in the mobile gaming world.

Other games worth mentioning:

Happy Mall Story (iOS/Android)

flash games mobile games

Manage your mall and take your customer’s money.

While not a Flash game, if own a device that can play a Flash game then this probably works, too. Happy Mall Story is a cute and adorable game with a tinge of management finesse from Happy Labs. Build and manage your own mall! Keep customers happy and take their money – you can even build ATMs to facilitate their splurging habits. Free to play with non-essential in-game micro-transactions. You can find this little gem in the Apple App Store or Google Play for the Android version.

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