GACC Sub-Projects: A Fun Way to Get People Pumped for Chess

GACC Sub-Projects

GACC Sub-Projects: A Fun Way to Get People Pumped for Chess

The Grand Asian Chess Challenge is a lot more than a mere chess championship. The GACC invest in sub-projects that compliment the main event and drum up support for chess in Malaysia. These projects include the Opening and Closing Ceremony, the Chess Exhibition and Party Night.

The GACC sub-projects were inspired by the spirit of sustainability. They aim to foster the bond between member and participants, and promoting camaraderie and interaction.

An ideal opportunity for grooming the future leaders of the GACC, the sub-projects serve as a platform for junior members to flex their leadership and communication skills.

To honour this tradition, the junior committee members lead the way in planning and execution. The Senior Committee merely pays an advisory role, occasionally weighing in with some guidance and oversight.

The GACC believes in making events a memorable experience. Endeavouring to ensure professionalism and synchronicity during events, guests and participants are given the highest priority.

The fun filled events such as the exhibition and party night have a massive turnout, with attendees eager to see the dance performances and artwork on display.

The GACC events have become a beacon and many authority figures concur. They are endorsed by the University of Malaya Student Affairs and Alumni (HEPA), the Malaysian Chess Federation (MCF) and the Ministry of Education (MOE) for the 21st GACC event.

Yang Berbahagia Datuk Professor Dr. Rohana Yusof, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Student Affairs and Alumni is the advisor during the beginning of GACC and has been very supportive throughout the years and have praised the showmanship on display. Yang Berhormat Datuk Zahidi Zainul Abidin, President of MCF detailed how impressed he was with the various performances, during his officiating of Opening Ceremony for 21st GACC last year.

The Deputy Minister of Education, Chong Sin Woon sent his representative, his assistant Mr. Chua Hock Kuan to officiate the awarding ceremony of Open Chess Championship.

These sub-projects are a vital method of ensuring the continuity and sustainability of the GACC.

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