10 Fulfilling Sahur Food Ideas for Ramadan

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10 Fulfilling Sahur Food Ideas for Ramadan

Deciding what Sahur food to have for the day is one of the most crucial decisions any fasting Malaysian needs to make daily in Ramadan. If you don’t choose the right food you may end up starving by 11 am or sleepy all day long. That’s why it’s important to choose fulfilling, yet simple foods for Sahur. This makes it a little easier to fast until Iftar later on.

Ramadan is upon us yet again. What an exciting time to reflect and enjoy with family and friends. In the spirit of Ramadan, here are 10 fulfilling Sahur food ideas for a Malaysian in Ramadhan. In case you have trouble deciding or simply want to start eating food that’s better for your body. All these are catered for Malaysian taste and super simple to get.

1. Chicken Siew Mai

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I know, I know. Where can you possibly get dim sum/ Siew Mai for Sahur food at 3 am? Simple! Stock your kitchen with frozen Siew Mai when you go grocery shopping. Halal frozen Siew Mai is available at any supermarket and so easy to prep. All you have to do is pop a few in a steamer, or your microwave with a little bit of water. Then, wait a few minutes and voila! However, you could always tapao or prep some from scratch.

But why Siew Mai for Sahur food? It’s rich in the good stuff you need, protein. High protein Sahur food will keep you fuller for longer and curb cravings. No risk of batal puasa!

2. Nasi Ayam

chicken-rice-nasi-ayam-sahur food

This is one of the most simple, yet fulfilling foods any Malaysian can enjoy any time of the day. So that makes it ideal Sahur food.

It’s so easy to prep especially in the “blind morning” as Malaysians say. Don’t know how to cook? Don’t worry. Tapao the night before. Nasi Ayam is sold all day long anywhere. All you’d have to do is warm it up before enjoying.

Why Nasi Ayam for Sahur food? Because it’s high in protein and good carbs. Protein will keep you satiated and curb early hunger. While the carbs will keep you energized. And, prevent you from feeling lethargic. Remember, most importantly, have your Nasi Ayam with double chicken or an extra egg. You need that protein!

3. Omelette/ Scrambled Eggs and Toast


Yet another simple but fulfilling Sahur food. What’s easier and quicker to cook than eggs? Aside from Maggi of course. Anyone can make eggs. They’re a super user-friendly Sahur food.

Besides that, best of all, eggs are so nutritious too! They are one of the best and most recommended Sahur food. To add, eggs are cheap.

High protein Sahur food is essential in Ramadhan. It keeps you satiated until iftar so slowly comes.

What better to accompany your eggs than toast? Because carbs aren’t evil and they keep you from becoming a zombie halfway through the day. Wholemeal preferably because whole grains will digest slower.

If that isn’t enough, might I add this Sahur food is waistline-friendly.

4. Protein Oatmeal


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Here’s one especially catered for the weight or health conscious fasters in Ramadhan. Because we all need to do some prep for all the rich, sinful food that comes in abundance at the end of Ramadhan. Oatmeal will bring you so many health benefits without being calorie dense.

Oatmeal is one of the most versatile and fulfilling foods. Naturally, it’s a go-to and ideal Sahur food. How to get the most for this Sahur food? Add a scoop of protein powder in it.  Protein powder will jam pack your already superfood oatmeal.

The best thing about oatmeal is that it’s completely customizable. You can have it with any toppings or mixes to suit your taste. And, you’d never get bored of it.

5. Nasi Goreng Ayam

fried-rice-nasi-goreng-sahur food

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A staple and simple Malaysian delicacy enjoyed for any meal of the day. Be it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It comes in multiple flavor variations suited for any tastebuds. Kampung, Cina, USA, Ayam, Daging, and the list goes on.

For Sahur, just make sure you have it with added protein like meat or eggs. Nasi Goreng is highly popular Sahur food. And, any Malaysian can tell you they have it at least a few times every Ramadhan.

For those who don’t cook, you can buy it just about anywhere. Just make sure you buy it before restaurants close. But, in Ramadhan, many restaurants are open 24/7 to serve Sahur food. So, it shouldn’t be hard to get some Nasi Goreng of your liking.

But, if you do know how to cook, even if just a little, then great. Whip it up at home. Nasi goreng is so easy and quick to whip up for Sahur food. If you just so happen to have extra meat and veggies from Iftar the night before, use them! That will save you some prep time, and avoid food waste. Nasi Goreng is completely customizable. It tastes great regardless of the ingredient combinations.

This Sahur food will surely keep you satiated and avoid feeling lethargic until Iftar comes.

6. Roti Canai and Curry

roti-canai-sahur food

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Super delicious yet super simple to make. And, super easy to buy in case you’re not the best kitchen master. Most mamak stalls or restaurants stay open late or 24 hours. So you can just as easily go out to grab some for Sahur. Or, tapao the night before.

To make it for Sahur food all you need is frozen roti canai/ paratha and curry of your choice. Whole wheat roti canai/ paratha is a thing now so try to have that instead. And, try to have meat/ egg curry with your roti because you need protein. No time to whip up or go buy curry from a restaurant? Stock up on canned curry early. The meat curry will keep you satiated while the roti canai gives you energy until Iftar comes.

7. Soup


If you want something a little more hearty and warm so early in the cold morning, have soup. Any soup will do, as long as it’s packed with protein and vegetables. Nothing coming to mind? Sup Ayam, Tom Yum, Sup Tulang, Sup Sayur Asam, and the list goes on.

Preferably enjoy it with a complex carb like whole wheat bread/ noodles, brown rice, or potatoes. The protein, veggies, and complex carbs will keep you content and energized for the whole day of fasting.

Soup is so easy to whip up and will warm your soul so early in the morning for Sahur. And, if you’re not the best chef, there are instant soups that’ll fill you up just fine. Or, you could always go out to buy some.

8. Cereal and Fruit

cereal-fruit-sahur food

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Sahur food should be simple, but fulfilling. What better to have than cereal and some fruit? Preferably opt for granola or a more wholesome cereal as opposed to the sugary processed kinds. These will keep you full longer because they digest slower. They’re also more nutritious.

As for fruit, have easy to find fruits like bananas, apples, papaya, or the like. They add extra nutrition and fiber to keep you fuller longer. Berries and kiwis do great too. They’re even more jam-packed with fruity goodness like vitamins.

Best thing about cereal, little to no prep! So easy to put together when you’re half awake at around 3 am.

9. Mixed Fruits and Dates

fruit-dates-sahur food

Breakfast may be hard to stomach so early in the morning for many. That doesn’t mean you should skip Sahur food. You need it to fuel your body and keep you going till Iftar. Have something lighter instead like fruit and dates.

Fruits are nutritious and waistline-friendly. Stock up on fruits whenever you go grocery shopping. Then, for Sahur simply cut some up and enjoy with a drizzle of honey. Dates are a great pairing with Sahur food.

Said to be the prophet’s favorite food, did you know it’s jammed pack with health benefits? Hard to believe when they taste so sweet. Nutrients and fiber are among the many benefits. So, it’s a good idea to start stocking up on dates.

10. Sandwiches


We know how hard it can be to whip up Sahur food at 3 am. That’s why it’s best to keep it simple and easy. Sandwiches are one of the best options. But if you don’t know how to make them, just buy in advance.

Have your topping combo of choice on preferably wholemeal bread. Wholemeal bread will digest slower and keep you energized. Also, try to have more protein in your sandwich. Try boiled eggs, roast chicken, tuna, or whatever floats your boat.

They not only taste good and are easy to make. They’re also highly nutritious.

Salam Ramadan and Happy Fasting!

Have a blessed Ramadan and fasting period. All the best in using these ideas for Sahur food. Hopefully, they make having Sahur a little easier even if you have to do it before sunrise.

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