Fudu Ba: Unique Japanese Cuisines You Could Ever Find!

Fudu Ba: Unique Japanese Restaurant Feature Image

Fudu Ba: Unique Japanese Cuisines You Could Ever Find!

The Origin of Fudu Ba

The idea of opening Fudu Ba was quite bizarre, to say the least. It occurred to the founder when she went on a vacation to Japan and was mesmerized by its local culture. In a flash, she decided to open an authentic Japanese restaurant in Miri. Through a friend’s introduction, she met a Japanese chef and had the opportunity to learn how to cook local dishes, which she later brought the cooking techniques over to Miri and established Fudu Ba.

This was not an easy decision to make because Japanese culture wasn’t quite in development in Miri’s market, and that alone will make its promotion more difficult at that time. However, the founder wished that Mirians have the opportunity to enjoy the delicious Japanese cuisine, and thus she chose to be the pioneer of this field!

Fudu Ba: Social Place For Small Gatherings

A group of friends is having a rendezvous at Fudu Ba.

Fudu Ba is divided into two areas – the restaurant area and the bar area. The restaurant area is mainly for enjoying Japanese cuisine. Its environment is clean and comfortable, which is very suitable for a family. The other is the bar area, which is intended for quick drinks and snacks. It’s a great place to relax and unwind, at the same time being a social place for small gatherings.

Everlasting Fragrance of Japanese Sake

Fudu Ba is offering authentic Japanese sake.

Authentic Japanese sake is one of the Fudu Ba’s exclusive features.

Fudu Ba mainly offers Japanese-style wines, like Japanese pure sake, Japanese whiskey and so on. As it is difficult to find decent Japanese-style wines due to its limited availability in Miri, this can be considered as one of the exclusive features of Fudu Ba!

Little tip: Japanese sake, commonly known as sake, is a kind of pure rice wine. From rice selection, grinding, rice washing, rice steaming, fermentation, every single step that revolves around the “rice” is of vital importance to the final wine quality and flavour. Even a small change in a single step could lead to an entirely different wine’s personality. As they say, Japanese sake is not only a commodity, but also a culture as well.

"Happy Hours" Beer Promotion

Fudu Ba sells a variety of beers at affordable price during “Happy Hours”.

Every evening, Fudu Ba will launch “Happy Hours” beer promotion such as draught beer, bottled beers, buckets, etc., and it has plans to introduce more Vietnam and Thai beers. As the main goal is to meet the broader market demand, the price of these beers is pretty affordable, so that Mirians have a wider selection of alcohol! The creative Fudu Ba also specializes in transforming local cocktails into Japanese variants!

Carefully Selected Fresh Ingredients

Carefully Selected Fresh Ingredients

The sesame paste used in the signature dishes is carefully selected.

Generally speaking, most of the food ingredients here are mainly imported from Japan, like special sauces or spices, because it is more difficult to source them locally. The sesame paste used in the signature dishes is specially made in Japan — it is not the ordinary Chinese sesame paste. Although these make the cost higher, Fudu Ba does not compensate it by raising the price, but sets it at a level that Mirians can afford, because they want everyone to enjoy the most authentic flavour of Japan!

For Fudu Ba, consistent quality control is always their ultimate goal. They don’t want to win by quantity, but by quality. As a matter of fact, Japanese dishes often use a relatively more MSG, but Fudu Ba does not want to go along with that, so they decide to find alternatives and eventually innovate their own spices! After many trials and errors, Fudu Ba decides to offer only four dishes with satisfactory taste because they want to focus on the quality and their excellence.

Fudu Ba's Cold Ramen & Tan Tan Men

Soothe your taste buds with Fudu Ba’s very own Cold Ramen & Tan Tan Men!

Speaking of its signature dish, it is none other than the Cold Ramen! Mirians may find them strange and refuse to try them out. In fact, cold ramen is a traditional Japanese dish, and its taste is different from the ordinary ramen as it is more refreshing. Having no appetite in the hot summer days? Fret not as this Japanese-style cold noodles could help relieve your tummy! Another dish, called Tan Tan Men, offers a special authentic taste. It has a sesame-flavoured soup base, and its rich taste could make you feel as if you are in Japan!

Look forward to enjoy the most traditional cuisines in Japan? Fudu Ba is definitely your best choice. They provide you with sincere and heartfelt services and allow you to enjoy the most delicious Japanese classics. Head on to Fudu Ba’s Facebook Page or contact 085-326 953 should you want to learn more this Japanese restaurant.

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