Fitness Influencer: Instagram’s Top 5

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Fitness Influencer: Instagram’s Top 5

Looking for motivation to work out can be hard. That’s why we turn to the help of a fitness influencer. Be it on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform. Fitness influencers are all the rage now.

They have some of the biggest followings on Instagram. Fitness is now the trend for millennials. Pretty sure everyone has had a point in their lives where they had a goal to get fit. Especially after a new year and resolutions right? So, naturally, the first step is to find motivation.

How? Where better to find motivation than among from Instagram‘s huge fitness influencer community. Admit it. We all secretly want to look like some of them.

So, are you looking for some fitness inspiration? Want to revamp yourself? Or, simply just want more eye candy on your Instagram timeline? Well, here’s a list for you! Here are the top 5 Instagram Fitness Influencers.

1. Fitness Influencer Jennifer Selter/ @jenselter

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Possibly has Instagram’s most famous booty. Her influence spans over fitness, nutrition, inspiration, and lifestyle. You can attribute the mainstreaming of the fitness influencer to her.

She initially made her Instagram account for motivation. The account was a platform to foster a supportive, like-minded community of people. Which, could hopefully push her on her fitness journey. Now, this 26-year-old fitness influencer has nearly 13 million followers.

She’s been into fitness since starting her fitness journey in high school. She was initially motivated after working part-time at the desk of a local gym. At the time, she turned to fitness as a stress reliever.

Now, her hobby has turned into a social media empire and her whole life. She has a life long mission as a fitness influencer. She wants to help anyone become the best version of themselves.

Now she has her own app Fitplan with training programs. And, fitness products made in collaboration with named fitness brands.

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2. Fitness Influencer Kayla Itsines/ @kayla_itsines

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Ever heard of the BBG program? Kayla Itsines is the brain behind this. This Australian beauty started as a trainer. And has now made a name as a lifestyle, nutrition, and fitness influencer.

She posts daily workout videos – even while pregnant now. Her methods must work as she has a following of over 10 million women. Many who swear by her program. Many women have completed the BBG program multiple times over.

She has her own app, eBooks, fitness guides, fitness gear and wear on sale. Her fitness influencer status is without question. In 2016, TIME Magazine named her one of “30 Most Influential People on the Internet”. Today she has a staggering 11.1 million Instagram followers.

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3. Fitness Influencer Simeon Panda/ @simeonpanda

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This British stud is the most popular male fitness influencer on Instagram. He has nearly 5 million followers. Most guys into fitness probably already follow him.

This fitness influencer started as a blogger back in 2013. Later, he continued onto Instagram – blew up, then turned into a fitness entrepreneur. He has his own workout program and, fitness accessories and sportswear line.

His near perfect physique comes from his staple involvement in fitness competitions. How good is his physique? Good enough to have been featured in multiple fitness magazines.

His fitness influencer success secret? The amalgam of his never-ending positivity and constant motivation. It has allowed him to inspire millions to reach their fitness goals. While also winning their hearts. Making him popular among the fitness community.

His level of fitness influence? He has been featured as one of Forbes Top 10 Fitness Influencers.

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4. Fitness Influencer Anllela Sagra/ @anllela_sagra

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This 22-year-old fitness influencer isn’t just any Instagram model. Fitness modeling happens to be her career.

She isn’t just your run-of-the-mill fitness model though. Her influence spans far beyond modeling. She is a fitness influencer, trainer, nutritionist, women’s spokesperson, and an entrepreneur.

She got her start as your run of the mill model without much on fitness. Then, she had a chance encounter with a fitness trainer. That changed her whole outlook on health and fitness. So, she sought to become a pioneer for fitness modeling in South America.

This goal saw much pushback. Women in the region favor slender slim figures over muscular. And, stigmatized muscles as a manly. Many critiqued her for “hurting her body”. But, she paid no mind. Eventually, her hard work and determination saw triumph. Soon, she went on winning multiple fitness competitions.

Anllela Sagra is now a reputable fitness influencer, model, trainer, nutritionist, and spokesperson. All by the tender age of 22! She is constantly breaking boundaries and pushing women. To also break stereotypes in fitness.

To add, she has her very own workout programs and merchandise. She sells fitness apparel, posters, and booty bands.

How far she’s come as a fitness influencer is proven. To-date, she has an insane 11.2 million followers on Instagram.

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5. Fitness Influencer Joe Wicks/ @thebodycoach

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This Brit, otherwise known as “The Body Coach” is a fitness and lifestyle coach. He is also a TV presenter, reputable author, YouTuber, and fitness influencer. His expertise in fitness can be attributed to his sports science major background. He is most known for his intense HIIT workout programs and get lean recipes.

Joe Wicks first came to fame posting his 15-second lean recipe videos on Instagram. Then, he continued to grow his Instagram brand. Which, lead into a published recipe book. His first book “Lean in 15: 15-minute meals” has sold over 900,000 copies. Now he has 7 published books.

After initial success, he moved on to create his very own “90-day plan” fitness plan. Later, this earned him fame as a fitness coach on Instagram. Where he now posts regular workouts. Then, his influence grew exponentially. He is now a TV presenter. He has his own showThe Body Coach on Channel 4 UK.

Now, he is one of the most followed male fitness influencers on Instagram. He has over 2.5 million followers.

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So, feeling envious? Motivated to start your own fitness journey? Or, you just got a following boost for added eye-candy on your Instagram. Hopefully, this article shed some light on the Instagram fitness influencer world.

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