Upass: Your Expatriate Employment Services Partner

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Upass: Your Expatriate Employment Services Partner

Upass offers you the best solutions to fulfill your foreign professional talent needs. We achieve this by providing employment services, including consultancy, recruitment, as well as the supply and management of professional workers. Whether you are a business owner or foreign investor, you can depend on Upass as your one-stop destination for professional employment services.

Upass aims to address the needs of today’s constantly changing labor force. We strive to employ the right, experienced experts that meet our clients’ needs.

Our Mission

Upass is committed to helping business owners and foreign investors obtain their employment passes, as well as dependant passes for their families. We strive to provide our clients with a complete recruitment solution, ensuring a smooth and hassle free process that enhances the quality and efficiency of their professional recruitment experience.

employment services

Our Core Values

At Upass, we set the standard of quality service in the recruitment industry.

1 Go for Excellence

We take delight in our job and keep ourselves updated with the latest recruitment policy changes from the government. So, we are able to provide the most accurate and constructive solutions and advice to meet the client’s needs.

2 Ethics is Everything

At Upass, we understand that workers without good ethics, no matter how skillful they are in the field, will not do any good to the client. So, we recruit only professionals and talents with responsibility, honesty and great ethics. We only provide talents based on the client’s needs and the talents placed with us will not be exploited.

3 Value Client Relationship

Serving our clients is always our top priority. We build close and long-term relationships with our clients. Upass strives to be your first-choice recruitment partner, always.

4 Trust and Reliability

We always keep our word and never overpromise. So, clients can fully rely on us with the agreed responsibilities without having further worries.

Employment Services

employment services

Employment Pass

An Employment Pass (EP) is a work permit that allows a foreign experts to get an employment in Malaysia. The pass also comes with a contract which can be up to 60 months. Before getting the Employment Pass from the Immigration Department of Malaysia, the expatriate application needs to be first approved by the Expatriate Committee (EC).

Dependant Pass

Dependant pass is for the direct family members of an Employment Pass holder. Direct family members include spouse, children under 18 years old, legally adopted children under 18 years old, or parents.

Professional Visit Pass

A Professional Visit Pass (PVP) is for foreign talents with required professional qualifications or skills. They can either provide services in the country or have a practical training with a local company. Also, they have to be referred from an overseas company on a temporary basis, which can be up to 12 months.

Long-term Social Visit Pass

Long-term Social Visit Pass is for the family members of an Employment Pass holder. Employment Pass holders can apply for this pass for their parents/ parents-in-law, children over 18 years old, or legally adopted children over 18 years old.

HELPDESK and Consultancy Services

Our experienced helpdesk staff handles all inquiries and provides stellar service to fulfill our client’s needs with any pass application. We also provide personalised consultancy service to our customers. We listen to the client’s concerns and provide suitable solutions to effectively solve the client’s complications.

employment services

Now, whether you’re looking for an employment opportunity in Malaysia, or you’re a business owner who wish to employ foreign talents, the best way to solve your problems is — through US!

With us, U – PASS!

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