Evergreen Style Icons of Asia You Should Be Following


Evergreen Style Icons of Asia You Should Be Following

6 Asian Style Icons Making a Fashion Statement

All across Asia, our stars are making a fashion statement and their own. Fashion. It can define charm and grace. Stars push for stylistic demeanour, have a no-nonsense approach, and be trend setters for the fashion world. They have skills for breaking the norm and set unique personal standards.

Glazing across lists of Asian stars we found a handful making a fashion statement in the fashion world. They are game changers at our end of the world. The Asian style icons are so unique they catch on a trend, rock it, before anyone of us can make it our own. Occasionally, they may take it to social media before anyone else could.

Here at Primabuzz, we follow six evergreen Asians who have set fashion standards in their own unique ways. Busy style icons who illustrate how to look good while being busy.

  1. Felicia Hung Atienza


Image via Metro.Go, Youtube

Felicia Hung Atienza is one of the Philippines’ leading style icons. President and a founding member of Chinese International School Manila (CISM) Foundation and mother of three children, she leads an active and colourful life. She shares her love of exotic pets with her TV Host husband, Kim Atienza and their ever growing family.

Felicia Atienza was chosen as Philippine Tatler’s Most Stylish Woman in 2014 and have been a fashionista. Her fashion style has always been forward with a twist of the modern minimalist. Her pixie haircut gives her that enthusiastic vibe that goes well with the modern pieces she dons.

Her favourite designers are Balenciaga, Lanvin, Rajo Laurel, Rosanna Ocampo, and Cary Santiago. She has a collection of accessories and clothings. Clothings such as capes, jackets, and artisanal jewelleries that goes with her daily outfits.

  1. Nina Herrera-Huang


Image via Tatler

Nina Herrera-Huang was nominated and won the Most Stylish Lady at the 9th Philippine Tatler Ball. Married to retail tycoon Anton Huang, she has kept her fashion style simple yet stylish through the years. She has kept her signature panache of simple elegance and fit figure through horse riding and running.

Her flair for fashion takes on minimalism with a hint of glamour. It makes her the embodiment of effortless style. She has always topped best dressed list with her straightforward fashion sense. Her outfits have always been on-point at every event she has graced her attendance with. Appropriately dressed in simplicity yet elegant outfits, she pairs her clothes with matching accessories and carries herself very well.

Not forgetting to mention, she is a very down-to-earth person with her attire. To her, what she wears has to be practical and contribute immeasurably to her daily life. She told Tatler Philippines, “The only time I ever take some time to plan an outfit is if I have to go to a wedding, for example – and this is because I want to ensure that I respect the request of the couple because this is a very, very special day that happens once in their lives.”

Her favourite designers are Joe Salazar, Pitoy Moreno, Inno Sotto, Jojie Lloren and Cary Santiago. She does not collect any accessories or anything at all, although she wishes she can.

  1. Alexander Wang


Image via Fashion United

When we say style icon, we usually think of women. Not in this case, it’s not.

Alexander Wang, a Taiwanese-American fashion designer who owns his own brand named after himself, is a style icon himself. He’s very into dark clothing with basic and simplistic designs. He also likes to keep his designs basic and approachable. Non-fussy, intense with a serious attitude, his personal has deeply influenced his fashion lines. Every stylish young woman in America hankers after his minimalistic and fashion-forward designs.

He has also stated in one of his interviews with Vogue that his favorite designer is Ralph Lauren. “You can look at a Ralph Lauren image, you can walk into the store and there can be no signage, no logo, and you will know that it’s the same Ralph Lauren experience you get in Shanghai, that you get in New York, that you get in Mexico. The amount of consistency and training and education that goes into everything that he does, the integrity. You can go to his store and buy a key chain and feel like you spent a thousand dollars,” Alexander Wang said of Ralph Lauren.

If he is not busy designing his next fashion line, he is out and about being a social butterfly. He is friends with celebrities like Zoe Kravitz and Julianne Moore.

  1. Liu Wen


Image via Star2

Liu Wen is a supermodel who, most famously, walked for Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. She doesn’t just walk for Victoria’s Secret, but she has also walked in fashion shows for Chanel, Dolce & Gabanna, and Paul Gaultier. In case you are living under a rock, she has also been chosen as the first Asian face to represent Estee Lauder.

She is an Asian supermodel of many firstsShe was the first East Asian model to walk for Victoria’s Secret, first Chinese to be on American Vogue cover, the first Asian to make Forbes’ list of highest-paid supermodels. She works insanely hard for it.

Being a model was never her plan. Her first venture into the modelling industry was when she won a modelling contest back in 2008 to win a new computer. “I didn’t have a clear goal at the time. I just wanted something that would allow me to travel around the world,” she told Business Insider. Her parents encouraged her to join as it would help with increasing her confidence.

Shortly after, she moved to Beijing for her modelling career. The same year she was scouted for her first international fashion show for Burberry at Milan Fashion Week 2008. “I didn’t understand anything because I couldn’t understand English. I just listened to the music and followed my feelings,” she told CNN.

Run through her Instagram account. Her fashion sense is effortlessly chic, colourful, and fun. Occasionally you may see her post pictures of her photo shoots and runway outfits.

  1. Fatimah Syahrini Jaelani


Image via Diya Anaf’i Chanel, YouTube

Fatimah Syahrini Jaelani, is an Indonesian personality and artist. She is better known as Syahrini. She became famous when she released her first solo album My Lovely in 2008. Syahrini has starred in 3 films, released 13 singles and hosted her own reality show, Princess Syahrini.

Her outfits are often figure-hugging, sophisticated and paired off with faux fur and oversized sunglasses. Her hair is always coiled, make-up flawless, and her outfits always bold and branded.  She loves oversized diamond rings, striking diamond necklaces, and sparkling tiaras. Her style advice? Always wear diamonds.

  1. Orawan Setabandhu


Image via Tatler

Thai fashionista, entrepreneur, designer, and wife Orawan Setabandhu is a very busy woman. She is the owner of Olivia Diamonds and spearheaded its designs. Her jewellery brand is one of the first in the country. Her brand focuses on cutting-edge designs focused on coloured stones and sculpture shapes.

Orawan prefers classical looks over trendy ones, as she likes elegance in simplicity. Her favourite designers are Balenciaga, Alber Elbaz, and Chanel. She also describes her style as effortless, and her outfits are always on point.

Here we go, with six Asian style icons who leads the Asian sphere with their current clothing trends. Whether if its class, elegance, or effortlessly chic, they have been trendsetters in and outside of Asia.

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