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Neon Rush 2019 Was a Big Success - Miri Charity Run

Neon Rush 2019 Was a Big Success

neon rush 2019-feature-image

Neon Rush 2019 Was a Big Success

Neon Rush 2019 is done and dusted! If you missed it, it went down last Saturday 5th of October 2019. The event took place at Marina Times Square from 5.30-9.30 pm. 


Neon Rush is a community charity run for the masses that is like no other! It’s meant to build awareness and connect the people of Miri. The run is also a charity run to help the children of PIBAKIS Miri


PIBAKIS Miri is the Parent’s Association for Disabled Children of Miri. It is a non-profit organization that caters for the welfare, well-being and future prospect of special children. They do so regardless of background, age, race, and religion.


People came in hoards ready to complete the vibrant fun run. You could see participants of all shapes and sizes. Solo runners, cute couples, and whole families joined in the festivities.




In case you missed it, here’s the quick rundown.



Getting Neon and Glowy

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As soon as participants arrived, they registered. After registration, they collected their neon glow sticks, bracelets, and mini lights. 


Then, put their ‘war paint’ on with the glow in the dark body paint at the DIY stations. Children were painting crouched over adults. Friends went wild with the paintbrush on each other. Not to embarrass, but rather to have each other looking cute and Neon Rush 2019 group-fie ready. And, couples were painting each other for their cute #neonrush2019 selfies.



Kicking off Neon Rush 2019

neon rush 2019-kick-off


At 6.30 pm the roads were blocked in preparation for the run. Later, at 7.00 pm participants gathered around the stage for the opening speech and schedule rundown. 


To get everyone loose and warmed-up, Zumba was led by ZF Erikings group. Even though the square was packed with people, it didn’t stop anyone from keeping up with the upbeat Zumba.



The crowd of participants doing zumba in unison.


Hearts pumped and slightly sweaty, participants made their way to the Start/ Finish line. Flag Off was done by a countdown and air horn at exactly 7.30 pm. And they were off!


Neon Rush 2019 Winners 


First place winner, Jason Sam Enn Jie receiving his Pullman Miri Waterfront and ABC Beauty Studio prize.



Second place winner, John Dovell.



Third place winner, Patrick Rafael.


By 8.00 pm the first few runners had completed the race. The first to finish of the 1000 participants was Jason Sam Enn Jie with a time of 21:14. Followed in second place is Scottsman, John Dovell with at 21:47. And, in third came Patrick Rafael with a time of 21:54. Congratulations to the top 3 runners. It was no small feat.


Slowly, more and more participants showed up after completing the race. Upon finishing, they collected their medals at the medal booth. Then, collected refreshments of Dubai Cola and White Castle cookies from the refreshment booth. Everyone cooled off with the Dubai Cola. And, regained some energy with the White Castle cookies.



A participant enjoying her Dubai Cola after completing the run.


At 8.30 pm the top 3 winners were announced and prizes were awarded. Each of them won a 3-day 2-night stay at Pullman Miri Waterfront. They also received prizes from ABC Beauty Studio. The winners were excited to enjoy their stay after the tiring run.



Lucky Draw Session for Lucky Participants

At 9.00 pm, the winner of the Neon Rush T-shirt design competition was called on stage and awarded RM500. Next, there was a Lucky Draw for all participants.



The Neon Rush 2019 t-shirt design competition winner.


First, Tife gave out prizes to the winners of the Tife lucky draw. To be eligible, participants were asked to like Tife’s Facebook page and share a post prior to the event. 


neon rush 2019-tife-lucky-draw

One of the five Tife lucky draw winners.


Then, was the lucky draw for 10 Pullman Miri Waterfront food and beverage discount vouchers. 10 lucky participants walked off with smiles on their face. Finally, was a lucky draw for TAG la tracking devices. With that, was the end of Neon Rush 2019.



Neon Rush 2019 One to Remember



Thanks to all who participated. We hope you all had fun! Without all of you, Neon Rush 2019 would not have been as successful as it was. We hope to see you next year!


iPrima Media Miri extends many thanks to the generous Neon Rush 2019 sponsors. Thank you Wellspring Pharmacy, Torto Food, Pullman Miri Waterfront, girlsclub, and Dubai Cola. Also, Des Optic, Tife, Mark Guest House Bayshore and Cafeine Port. Finally, thanks to Chooks, Love Confinement Center, Moment BBQ Bar, and Morning Dew.


Tell us what you enjoyed most about Neon Rush in the comments below!


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