EDMAT-40: A Golden Opportunity for Talented Students

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EDMAT-40: A Golden Opportunity for Talented Students

Engineering Society University of Malaya (PKUM) will be organizing its annual EDMAT (Engineering Development, Motivation and Awareness Training) motivation camp from January 24, 2019 to January 28, 2019 in University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur.

Since 1978, it has been one of the most prominent and largest professional training program in Malaysia, dedicating particularly to the education and development of engineering students. The 2019 edition will mark the 40th time of the EDMAT motivation camp organized by PKUM.

The 5D4N camp is open to all undergraduates from local and overseas universities, regardless of their discipline of studies. This training program aims to develop, motivate and create the awareness of the undergraduates, preparing the undergraduates for the world they are going to step into.

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EDMAT-40 Logo (Image via EDMAT UM Facebook)

EDMAT-40: Imagination Weaves Creation

The main goal of EDMAT is to inculcate leadership characteristics in management and to develop outstanding interpersonal skills among participants. This is a comprehensive program which covers all the aspects to accomplish both mental and physical development. Moreover, it is also to achieve a proper balance between academic and interpersonal development.

As a matter of fact, education is of vital importance to build up a better future for the young generation. Therefore, the camp provides a path to establish the creativity and intellectual innovation of the future leaders. In result, they will be more competent to face future challenges as well as to contribute to the community.

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EDMAT-40 Poster (Image via EDMAT UM Facebook)

All in all, EDMAT-40 will be a fun-filled motivation camp. It brings the participants through a series of workshops, seminar talks, sports, games and visitations. Participants may also look forward to inspiring talks, interesting workshops, intriguing visitations, interactive games and more. As an added bonus, they can forge new friendships with like-minded people from different countries.

Registration for EDMAT-40 is now open! Sign up or register before October 31 to enjoy early bird rates. For more information, visit the official Facebook page for the program’s latest updates.

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