Lending to Restart Your Life, SINGAPORE-MALAYSIAN WORKERS!

There is no more noteworthy time than now to start living your dreams. You can make your dream comes true on the off chance that you put in the exertion and make a sensible arrangement. You should simply recognize what you need and find a way to be on your way to progress. There are few knocks en route, however in the event that you gain from your misfortunes, you’ll be considerably bound to get what you’ve generally looking for at the end. How can you turn your dreams into reality?

Transform your dream into a passionate longing. You should transform your dream into a passionate longing in your heart. A solid will power to accomplish your fantasies supports fearlessness and will help you in getting through a portion of  terrible phases of life. The best approach to transform your dream into a passionate longing is to accept that your dream is feasible and that you can really accomplish it. In the event that you simply take a gander at it as a general wish. For example, wishing to get a job or needing to move some places without truly doing it, at that point you won’t get good results.

The pandemic outcomes Malaysian labours to dream for a new job opportunity and getting ideal sanctuary to remain. This can occur with Life Restart, started by Yuki Ng essentially to take care of these issues. Life Restart in coordinated effort with 7 more elevated level organizations bringing a superior way of life for jobless and homeless individuals in Johor Bahru.

4 top-notch companies including iPrima Media, HM Synergy, DHM, CT Unity, are stepping forward to solve the unemployment rate in Malaysia. Dream big, Hope wide with these companies to help you to get what you are waiting for a long time. It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. Your talent determines what you can do. Your motivation determines how much you are willing to do. Besides, your attitude determines how well you do it. Build your reputation and talent with iPrima Media, HM Synergy, DHM and CT Unity effortlessly.

iPrima Media: Provides you the best training session to be Digital Marketer. Permanent job, high chances to work from home. Moreover, liable for making associations in Johor Searchable and Visible Online while ensuring their brands are Trustable and Memorable to their clients! 

iprima media

Credits: iPrima Media

HM Synergy: Dream to be one of the Insurance agents? HM Synergy provides the best working experience for all their staff with favourable profit. This pioneer company in Johor Bahru developed many trusted insurance agents and now they are willing to guide you towards the same direction. Many clients are seeking for the best insurance agent that is trained by HM Synergy for their well known reputation and image.


Credits: HM Synergy

DHM: Dream Home Maker, the first online mall, sells home appliances not only to design your home but are responsible in designing a better work opportunity for you. Be an excellent Live Host now with us! Achieve your dream, reboot your patience. DHM is seriously in demand for live host to promote their best selling product towards their clients and customers. Live host could perform well in this field because DHM is highly required and recognized for its Ecommerce shopping. Clients prefer to surf their webpage and social media to know more about their sales as well as purchasing so a live host plays a crucial role here.


Credits: DHM

CT Unity: Discover, Learn and hope for the best with CT Unity awaking you to be a property agent. New skill, New life is assured so make your journey of life liveable with this organization. CT Unity a famous specialist property consultant develops excellent consultants to provide perfect approaches, data and sureness that clients need in choosing the right choices.

CT Unity

Credits: CT Unity

While in need for  comfort accommodation assured with Roof Talk, Rentradise, and Widebed. These 3 places to stay under Airbnb arrangement provides a safe and perfect stay with various facilities that are taken into consideration.

Roof Talk is a maritime theme based dormitory and rooms with an attached bathroom. On the other hand, you can gain all sort of pleasures just in a 2 star ranked hostel, while they ensure their customers receive good services such as free WI-FI, free parking access, pool, laundry, smoking area and more.

Roof Talk

Credits: Roof Talk

RentRadise Echo Suite includes a stylish mode yet unique structure just to cause you to feel at home! In addition, this unit is directly close to a general store and it is outfitted with amenities, for example, a pool, an exercise center and some more. Remain at our place and break from the tumultuous city life now!

rentradise logo

Credits: Rentradise

Widebed all are tastefully furnished, and many even provide such comforts as fan, internet access – wireless (complimentary), air conditioning, desk, balcony/terrace. The property’s recreational facilities, which include fitness centers, are designed for your leisure and relaxation. If you are looking for comfortable  accommodation in Johor Bahru, then this condominium would be  the choice to pick.


Credits: Widebed

It’s okay to restart and recreate. Don’t spend time beating yourself up over something that went wrong. As a result of, there’s always another chance. LIFE RESTART lending a reboot of life for all Singapore-Malaysia workers and unemployed people, in that case, join us to change your dream into reality.

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