Do’s and Don’ts Of Interior Design | Interior Design In Singapore

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Do’s and Don’ts Of Interior Design | Interior Design In Singapore

Interior design in Singapore can be a harsh and punishing world especially when you have relatives coming over — and especially friends who try to take note of every single thing in your house. Luckily though, getting away with a gorgeous looking quarters is easier than it looks.

We’re no superstar professional decorators. But that’s no reason to give up or get discouraged from getting your own take on interior design. Small things such as furniture arrangement and types of decor go a long way.

Always set a plan before you do interior design in Singapore. We’ve made a short list of the do’s and don’ts on interior design so that you don’t have to.

The Do’s and Don’ts Of Interior Design In Singapore

Gray themed bedroom with a side desk and window lighting for interior design in singapore

  1. Don’t paint before buying furniture

The sofa of your dreams and other furniture pieces only comes in a few colors but your paint doesn’t. Picking out your furniture sets helps narrow down the best room color to match your furnishings.
If the room’s already painted, here are our top 5 picks for custom furnishings in Singapore.

Interior Designers Planning

  1. Do get advice from interior design agencies

If you’re at a loss for ideas, it’s perfectly fine to call in the big guns — nothing to be ashamed of. Also, help from the experts gives you a peace of mind knowing that the only outcome is a good looking interior.

Choosing Interior Colors

  1. Don’t throw in too many colors

There’s nothing wrong with being creative, but if every room is different in color like rainbow card. You’re probably overdoing it. Your home should have a cohesive feel by choosing 3 base colors to use and opting for different hues.

Remember, colors will always affect your emotions.

White Themed Interior Design Living Room by interior design in Singapore

  1. Do plan your lighting

The layout must always be practical but it can also be inspirational. A dimmer switch to set the mood is a great idea and choosing indirect lighting helps give your house an even fancier feel to it.

Take advantage of windows in the day for natural lighting. Interior design in Singapore heavily focuses on getting the most out of natural lighting — that comes in handy when surrounded by buildings.

Living Room With Plentiful Seating

  1. Don’t be selfish with seating

Whether you’re living alone or not, it helps to be prepared for guests. If space is an issue, get a couple of good looking chairs to hide in your storage room.

Wide living room with coffee table at the center | interior design in Singapore

  1. Do purchase an appropriately-sized rug

If the edges of your rug are folding on contact with walls, you probably have an excessively large rug. Don’t go too small either. You don’t want your coffee to completely overshadow your rug — literally overshadowing it.

All in all, make sure the interior design company knows what you want and how you want it. Creating your own look for your home may be a challenge but the satisfaction from being involved a lot will be all worthwhile. If you’re in need of help, Seven Konzept Singapore will always be ready to help with your interior design needs

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