Discover the key to start your business under RM1500 !!


Discover the key to start your business under RM1500 !!

It almost sounds impossible to start a business with only RM1500. But, here, we are going to share with you a secret to startup a business with low budget!


Share your office

You don’t need a gigantic space for your workspace. Just get what you need and share the remainders. This does not only save you up with a huge amount of rental fee. But, also allows you to seek help from the people around you and learn from them when you’re in need.


Use WordPress ( to build your own website

With the evolution of technology, technology devices have dominant our lives. And we need to cease this chance and utilize this habit of the current generation to market our product or services. Building your own website is easy with the help of WordPress.


Use Social Media to create values

Social media is the simplest and most trendy business startup platform. Many choose to start their businesses from scratch through social media. You save up a bunch of money of expensive advertising fees and also make your products or business reachable and noticeable. Trendy social media app such as: Facebook, Wechat, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


Leave the optimizing job for the professionals

We often see many famous professionals helping their business partners to create advertisements while scrolling down our facebook news feed. In fact, it is always hard to market when you first start your own business. So, it is always better to pass the details of your company to the experienced professionals like Buzzytime, Primabuzz, etc to market. This ensures a higher exposure to the customers.


Hiring with demand

As the time passes and business getting busier, what follows will be the insufficient of manpower. Remember that hiring does not mean increasing the cost. You can hire interns which lowers the personnel cost while providing opportunities for them to learn in the field. With the extra manpower, you get to focus more on the expanding and managing of your business.

After reading these tips, do you still think that it is impossible to startup your business with just RM1500?

Bigwheel provides opportunities for fresh entrepreneurs to startup their business.

With only RM1500, you too, can become a successful entrepreneur !

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