How to Design a Safe Kitchen (Updated 2018)

safe kitchen

How to Design a Safe Kitchen (Updated 2018)

The kitchen is one of the busiest, most accident-prone rooms in the house. Any negligence in designing the kitchen would easily lead to a future catastrophe. Hence extra precaution is needed to keep your family and guests safe in your kitchen.

The requirements for a safe kitchen:

Clear route

While designing a kitchen, you should design the floor plan that keeps the traffic away from the cooking area. It is not recommended to put any appliances or decoration products near the entrance or exit. This is to ensure the escape route of the kitchen can remain clear in case of any accidents and emergency.

Appliances with a lock-out option

This is relatively important for the families with children or young visitors. As kitchens are known to be filled with dangerous electrical and heating appliances, any misuse by a young child could result in disaster. Hence, while purchasing heating appliances such as electronic stove, microwave, and water heater; you should consider on finding the appliances with programmable lock-out system or lock-out covers, to mitigate the chances of accidents.

Fire extinguisher location

Having at least one functional fire extinguisher in every house is strongly recommended for overall safety. The kitchen is a well-known place for easy fire, thus it is best to keep the fire extinguisher in the kitchen in case of emergency. However, it needs to be kept in an obvious and easy-to-reach area. Never store it near a cooktop or stove.

Slip-resistant flooring

You should use slip-resistant flooring in your kitchen. This is to prevent some easy incidents that occur due to the slippery wet floor. The examples of suitable floorings are laminate, textured tile, and soft glazed ceramic tile.

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Sufficient lighting

You should ensure good lighting throughout the kitchen, especially above-the-counter areas where you prepare food, to prevent any unnecessary accidents.

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Anti-scald controls

It is known that the hot tap water is responsible for inflicting burns that could potentially lead to injuries and even hospitalizations. Therefore, you should install the anti-scald controls that prevent abrupt temperature changes. This allows you and your family to be able to access hot tap water with a significantly lower chance of skin burn.

While the kitchen is known as the vital organ of a house, it is also considered one of the most dangerous locations in a house. While planning to make your kitchen glorious and fancy, safety precautions should NEVER be neglected. Therefore, it is advised that you consult an expert when designing your kitchen.

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