Curtin Malaysia Named Among Best Schools For Entrepreneurship

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Curtin Malaysia Named Among Best Schools For Entrepreneurship

Curtin Malaysia Named Among Best Schools For Entrepreneurship

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Miri, 14th December 2018 – The establishment of The Founders Club has promoted Curtin University,  Malaysia to become one of the best schools to get a head start on entrepreneurship.

In just 2 years, The student club not only manages to leave a mark in Sarawak, but also in the whole of Malaysia as an entrepreneur community hub

Having taken part in many major events, The Founders Club has earned several remarkable achievements, such as attaining the 1st place in Startup Weekend Miri 2018, Think Big Business Plan Competition, 3rd World Invention and Innovation Contest, and TEGAS Pre-Accelerator Program.

Other notable achievements include Sarawak Open Source Competition (1st and 2nd place), Plus Hackaton (2nd place) and The Grand Challenge Hackathon Series Grand Finale (3rd place).

Hamzah Hamizan, the student entrepreneurship initiative leader said that entrepreneurship is the first principle of job creation, and thus the foundation of our economy

Startup Weekend Miri

The Participants of Startup Weekend Miri 2018

“So, while other Entre communities are trying to push for scaling, we put our main focus on bringing more students to their doorsteps, within the university,” he adds. 

Being represented by The Founders Club, Curtin University, Malaysia has been actively connecting and exposing students to entrepreneurship influencers from MaGIC, TEGAS, IPrima Media, BEAM and Techstars

For this reason, The Founders Club is looking forward to the possibility of collaborating and working together with Curtin University, Malaysia in future club projects to nurture the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

The Founders Club is an entrepreneurship club founded in early 2018 by a couple of passionate students from Curtin University, Malaysia. The club is visionary to be the grassroot movement to foster an entrepreneurial mindset and empower the Malaysian community. For more information, visit

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