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Kedai Yong Ho - Not your ordinary coffee shop! - Not Your Average Millennial Blog

Kedai Yong Ho – Not your ordinary coffee shop!


Kedai Yong Ho – Not your ordinary coffee shop!

Kedai Yong Ho

Ever wondered where the best place to enjoy soybean milk with ‘youtiao’? Or worry about what or where to eat every morning? Let’s take a look at Kedai Yong Ho, one of the old but gold coffee shop in Miri, Sarawak.

Kedai Yong Ho is an extraordinary coffee shop with various types of foods. It is known as 永和豆浆 in Chinese. Kedai Yong Ho operated nearly 18 years in the old street of Miri town since year 2001 and has always been one of the most popular coffee shop in Miri which is located beside the Park Hotel. But what is so special about this coffee shop?

After I interviewed the one who is in-charge of Kedai Yong Ho. I concluded the reason behind all of this successfulness. One of the reasons is that the boss of the Kedai Yong Ho learned all the skills of making foods from Taiwan genuinely and able to deliver comfortable and excellent services toward the customers.


Enough talking, and let us jump and take a look at the mouth-watering delicacies from Kedai Yong Ho, Miri.


Taiwanese Egg Pancake


The Taiwanese eggs pancake taste kind of like ‘roti canai’ but more crispier and thicker. The flavor combination of eggs and onion inside the egg pancake is balanced, and most importantly, it is low-priced and delicious!


Green Onion Pancake


Green Onion Pancake is one of the famous dim sum in Kedai Yong Ho and as well as in Taiwan. The internal of it contains onions and meat floss. Additionally, Onion Pancake can also be covered with a layer of eggs with only top up of 1 ringgit to improve the flavor of it but it is based on the taste of different individuals. But it tasted extremely good with a layer of eggs on it!




Chinese Doughnut stick


Chinese Doughnut stick is known as ‘You cha kueh’ (油炸鬼) or ‘you tiao’ (油条) in Chinese. Customers can order three different types of Chinese doughnut sticks. The first one will be the ordinary doughnut stick, which normally can eat it everywhere. The next two types will be exclusive for the Kedai Yong Ho, which is kaya and butter favor and homemade salad favor. The yellowish skin of doughnut sticks shows how crispy it is without even try! The taste of doughnut sticks combined with Soybean milk will be enough to start a new day energetically.


Sesame Biscuit


Sesame biscuit is a kind of like a biscuit that is crispy by the moment you bite it. The best thing about this biscuit is the top is filled with sesame! There are three variations which are a normal version without any flavor, kaya, and butter flavor known as sweet tastes and add an eggs on the middle of the layer known as salty taste. Salty taste is highly recommended !


Kolok Mee


One of the best kolok mee that you can find in Miri. Its silky-smooth noodles and the right amount of oil makes it a delicious yet also a satisfying meal for any that are hungry for morning breakfast to fill their tummies.


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