A Coin Eating Bank For Kids! | Crazy All Deals

A Coin Eating Bank For Kids! | Crazy All Deals

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Teach Kids To Save Money

Teaching your kids on how to save up may never be the same again with this creatively designed coin eating machine! This anthropomorphic coin bank has motion sensors to detect movement in front of it. It’ll start gobbling up coins that get too close!

This little gadget helps peak your child’s interest in a positive way with saving coins being a form of entertainment to them! Crazy All Deals brings this gadget to you for the best purpose, making savings an entertaining activity!

Get your very own Coin Eating Machine here: https://www.crazyalldeals.com/collections/all/products/creepy-coin-eating-bank

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Bluetooth Tracker to Find Your Lost Items

tagla remote positioning device

TAG La, a remote locating device. It’ll be your functional keychain for finding the stuff you’ve attached it to. If you’re absent minded at keeping track of your belongings, the TAG La is the way to go. You’ll never lose your stuff ever again when you can simply locate your TAG La with the press of a button in the mobile app!

To never lose your items again, get a TAG La, visit the site: https://www.crazyalldeals.com/products/get-tag-la

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