Coachella 2019: What You Missed?

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Coachella 2019: What You Missed?

Coachella 2019 posts have been flooding our social media feeds for weeks now. And they keep coming still. The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is probably the biggest American and global annual music and arts festival. It’s commonly known as Coachella or Coachella festival. And, has been held in the Colorado Desert of California since 1999.


In those years, it has seen a multitude of the biggest names in music grace its stages. And, seen exponential growth in festival goers. This year it reported an estimated 250,000 attendees. Many of which included huge celebrities and well-known Youtubers and influencers.


Missed out all the fun and hype? Don’t worry. Here’s a summary of the biggest highlights of Coachella 2019.


1. Their star-studded lineup booked way before the booking team knew

lineup-coachella 2019

The Coachella 2019 lineup (Image via


The Coachella 2019 lineup was booked way before the festival. Most were done in the summer and fall of 2018. The booking team didn’t know they were planning the star-studded lineup that it was.

They booked Kacey Musgraves not knowing she was soon set to win the Grammy for Album of the Year. Billie Eilish got lined up before knowing she was months away from a #1 hit in 70 countries. And, booking Blackpink was a risky move. At the time the booking team was unsure if the US audiences would show interest in the K-Pop group. A few months later, Blackpink broke a Youtube record with Kill This Love. And, practically erupted globally.


The booking team made a landslide of good lineup choices this year.


2. A lot of sound problems

sound-problems-coachella 2019

Some of the artists that experienced sound problems during Coachella 2019


Coachella 2019 is a music festival of massive scale. To expect it to run completely smooth is wishful thinking. Sure enough, the two-weekend festival saw repeated sound problems during performances.


Victims of botched sound were Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, Nicki Minaj, and many more. EDM big-name Dillion Francis was among the victims too. Unfortunately, he was left shouting into a dead mic for the first few songs of his second-weekend set.


3. Kanye’s Easter Sunday service

kanye-west-sunday-service-coachella 2019

Kanye West’s Sunday Service at Coachella 2019 (Image via


For months leading up to the festival, report after report came out. Most were about Kanye West headlining for Coachella 2019. He was initially rumored to be a headliner. But, stories reported that fell through after organizers refused to build Kanye a dome on festival grounds.


That was turned around on Sunday morning of Coachella 2019’s second weekend. To mark the final day of Coachella 2019 and its coincidence with Easter Sunday, something special was lined up. That something special was Sunday service. It was a 9.00 am mountain top performance. What of? An Easter Sunday take on Kanye West’s weekly Sunday service.


Without a doubt, he commanded all the attention on Coachella 2019’s final day. It was the biggest draw for Coachella 2019’s second weekend. And will be remembered by many. Fan’s are already demanding a repeat of Kanye’s Sunday Service for next year’s Coachella. Which will see Easter Sunday coincide with the Sunday of Coachella 2020’s first weekend.


4. The best Couch-ella experience yet

youtube-livestream-coachella 2019

Image via


Thank you technology and Youtube! You no longer have to be sad about missing Coachella, or ‘No-chella’ as many call it. FOMO won’t be an issue either. For the ninth year in a row, Youtube live-streamed the festival. This year better than all the previous.


Couch-ella is now a completely viable option. Thanks to Youtube, you have an arguably better seat watching it from home. You won’t have to deal with the desert dust, heat, as well as dishing out loads of money to catch the festival. Or, bother putting yourself together to look presentable in public for the matter.


Youtube had multiple streams for Coachella’s coinciding sets. No worry at all about clashes. You could easily flip between streams for any desired set. Youtube even managed to convince Kanye West’s team to allow his Sunday service stream this year.


5. Surprise performances all through Coachella 2019

justin-bieber-coachella 2019

Justin Bieber on stage for a surprise performance with Ariana Grande (Image via


Coachella 2019 was no short of celebrity surprise appearances and performances. Justin Bieber mad a surprise guest performance in Ariana Grande’s headlining show for Coachella 2019’s second weekend. His appearance raised the bar from her first-weekend show. He sang his hit “Sorry” in his first stage appearance in two years.

selena-gomez-cardi-b-coachella 2019

Cardi B and Selena Gomez onstage for a surprise performance during DJ Snake’s Coachella 2019 set (Image via


Besides that, Selena Gomez made a surprise appearance during DJ Snake’s set. After a long hiatus to focus on her health she surprised everyone to perform her verse on the hit single “Taki Taki”. Her surprise performance was alongside Cardi B. Who also surprised fans with a performance. This was Selena’s first stage appearance in 2019.

Besides that, we saw Nicki Minaj, P. Diddy, NSYNC sans Justin Timberlake and a few other surprise performers.


6. Blackpink’s historical Coachella 2019 debut

blackpink-coachella 2019

Blackpink onstage at Coachella 2019 (Image via


History was made during Coachella 2019. Blackpink became the first ever K-Pop girl group to perform at Coachella. And they killed it!


The booking team was worried the US audiences wouldn’t feel much for the group. Not long before the festival, the group’s new EP, Kill This Love smashed YouTube records. That left so much pressure on the group to deliver an anticipated killer performance.


According to fans and critics, Blackpink far exceeded expectations. And, they probably left the stage with hundreds of newly converted Blinks. Blackpink’s Coachella 2019 set was so big and killer, that it was live-streamed in Times Square New York City.


7. A fire broke out on festival grounds

fire-coachella 2019

The mobile shower unit in flames at Coachella 2019 (Image via


Unfortunately, sound problems weren’t the only mishap of Coachella 2019. A fire broke out on festival grounds early Saturday morning. This was right after the wrap for the first day of Coachella 2019.


A mobile shower unit on the grounds caught fire shortly after 2 am Saturday of the first weekend. Luckily, the blaze got contained within a half hour. Nobody was injured. The cause for the fire is unknown. But, Coachella 2019 goers who were there report they heard an explosion around the time the fire started.


8. The BIG headliners

headliners-coachella 2019

The headliners for Coachella 2019


It’s a hard act to follow after last year’s headliner, Beyonce. Who could ever upstage queen Bae Beyonce right? The booking team knew that so they lined up a few huge acts for Coachella 2019.


The first night headliner was Best Song of 2019 Grammy winner, Childish Gambino. The next night, Coachella 2019 goers saw Australian psychedelic band Tame Impala headlining. And the main headliner for the final nights of the two weekends was Ariana Grande.


This made her the youngest solo female act ever to headline Coachella. She is only 24 years old. A female main headliner was what we needed. More female representation was necessary. Especially since only about 35% of the Coachella 2019 lineup consisted of women.


For her headlining shows, she staged an NSYNC reunion and gave us a “Bang Bang” with Nicki Minaj. She even shared the stage with Diddy for “Mo Money Mo Problems”.

Coachella 2019 was huge! Hopefully, it can surpass this event next year. Even though that would definitely be a hard thing to do.

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