Choosing the perfect party outfit for your next night out


Choosing the perfect party outfit for your next night out

4 Tips on what to wear and what not to have on your outfit!


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From being a party animal to one who gets dragged along to parties, many of you will worry about your party outfit. Looking for your perfect party outfit will take up a substantial amount of your time planning. To some, their outfits matter and take several hours, or even days just to find that perfect dress. Some others just can’t be bothered about their outfits.

If you are losing your mind over what kinds of outfit you should pick out, stop and read this right now! As you party your fun-filled nights away, here are ways you can cut down time in finding your perfect outfit.

  1. Your skin tone matters

It really does. You don’t want an outfit that either makes you melt into the background or clashes with your skin tone, do you? Certainly not. A simple rule to live by if you have:

a. Dark skin

Wear lighter colours to make you stand out from the crowd. Pink. Yellow. White. As long as it is not darker colours that make you blend into the background, you’ll be good. You can wear really bright colours too, to make you the star of the party.

b. Medium Skin

With medium skin colour, go for neutral shade colours such as brown, grey, and black. It will make your skin look striking against your skin tone and look pleasing to the eye. Alternatively, try blue and reds, or any warm tones that works well with your skin tone

c. Fair, light-coloured skin

Avoid wearing white and yellow clothes as those colours do not make your skin tone pop. Opt for red and green shades if you are dark-haired. Or you can choose bright colours that will appear striking against your skin, or neutral colours that may appear elegant and refined.

  1. Dress for your body shape

Indeed. Choose an outfit to go with your body type, so to avoid having a wardrobe malfunction during your party night.

Big chest? Choose a square-necked, low-cut outfit. For women who want to wear dress, go for strappy dresses. Dresses with wider straps will offer more support for your bust, whereas thinner straps obviously offers less.

Have a huge belly? Avoid satin and silk like the plague, as it shows all your lumps that you hate. Instead, opt for flared or empire-lined dresses. A bit of fittings at the waist is fine. Wear a wide belt to give your body more shape.

Huge hips? Straight cut dresses in one shade will make your butt look obsequious. Do not wear prints as it may draw attention to your rear-end.

No rear-end? No big deal. Just wear a fishtail gown to give you shape and definition. Wearing flared dresses definitely can give you a nice shape too.

  1. Avoid calf-length dresses


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Do avoid dresses that only comes down to your calves as it makes you age a decade more than you wished for. It even cuts off your legs at their fattest parts, which gets pretty distracting for all the wrong reasons. It certainly won’t make you look good either.

You certainly won’t want a wardrobe malfunction.

  1. Avoid short, strapless, tight, backless outfits.

Not saying you should avoid short outfits, or strapless outfits, and so on. On their own, its fine and exquisite.

But when you throw all elements into one outfit, it’s a major disaster! Definitely can’t imagine having an outfit having all that in a piece.

  1. Aim for date night outfits for guys

If you are a guy, this one is for you. We don’t often see outfit guides for guys online, but here’s a simple tip for guys looking for party night outfits.

Wear what you would wear for a date night. No suits, or ties. Choose a tailored oxford shirt with wool pants. If the event is more pub than lounge, switch to dark denim.

6. Come in casual


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But not too casual in a sense to come in your pyjamas or yoga pants – unless specified. Your party hosts may set a non-specific themed party, or a casual party, but still it does not mean you should come dressing like you are homeless or not caring.

Come in something nice, something smart casual. Just show you put some effort into your dress.

In conclusion, don’t sweat too much over picking your perfect party outfit. It may come across as difficult at first but it doesn’t necessarily have to stay that way. By simply avoiding certain kinds of clothes or changing your dress colour helps you stand out. Don’t sweat the simple things!

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