Chimaek Collective: The Story

Chimaek Collective

Chimaek Collective: The Story

Chimaek Collective is a menswear e-commerce store, focusing on Korean-made apparel. The  quintessential singaporean man can get in touch with their inner Korean style. Embracing the global phenomenon that is K-Pop, the unique ensembles are an homage to the Korean fashion aesthetic.

This idea came about when founder of the Chimaek Collective, Daryl Loh made a trip to Korea and found many private label brands of high build quality and great design, but were not in the Singaporean fashion consciousness. Upon returning home, he was hard pressed to find local businesses that fulfilled this niche. Hence, Chimaek Collective was born; an e-commerce store that filled the gap in the Singapore market.

The 3 main styles to his first Urban Classics collection are Oversized Classics, Laid Back and Smart Casual. His selections are an ode to millenials who prefer fashion at easy access and low effort.

Chimaek Collective

Classic / Over Tee – Pale Grey

(source: The Chimaek Collective)

Chimaek CollectiveStriped / Classic – Light Grey

(source: The Chimaek Collective)

Chimaek Collective

Shirt / Flannel – Dark Beige

(source: The Chimaek Collective)

All items shown and many more can be purchased at his brand new webstore at

Who is the brains behind this?

Meet Daryl Loh, a young solopreneur with a knack for taking new ideas and turning them into fledgling businesses. His first crack at a business with an online presence was when he created a job application development company called DGG Resume.

Fun Fact: DGG means Design Good Good; a quirky Singaporean name for an unceremoniously formed experiment.  What began as a mere Carousell listing, expanded into related services like cover letter writing, LinkedIn profile development and resume photography. With over 80 resumes in tow, DGG is making a mark and impact on job applicants’ lives.

Inspiration from a recent trip to Korea gave way to his fashion ambitions, as he embarked on conceiving the Chimaek Collective. Having DGG Resume meant many skills likes sales and marketing came in quite handy, as it slightly leveled the learning curve.

Describing his transition to webstores, he stated:

Working on E-commerce is a first for me, so there were many things I had to learn from scratch and do on my own: For example, buying and trying sample pieces, phototaking of the lookbook, building of the e-commerce site etc. Everything was bootstrapped and done myself to save costs, learn and develop something that I originally envisioned.

His attention to detail and the execution of his brand vision is a valuable skill in his entrepreneurship journey. Surely, it’s a lesson for anyone at the crossroads of self starting. In fact, we’re not the only ones who agree. Vulcanpost recently published an article on Chimaek Collective, raving at youthful entrepreneurial efforts and unique taste.

Motivation Station

We love Daryl Loh because he is the embodiment of the quintessential hustler with a heart: doing all he can to make them dollar bills while making a positive impact. Growing up in a middle class family of reasonable means, Daryl used his pet projects to make extra cash. Seeing his fledgling ideas to fruition is his greatest passion.

His Advice: Have a solid long term plan, trust the process and stick to it. Be patient, things will always work out one way or another in the long term.

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