13 PLACES TO VISIT AT SARAWAK, MALAYSIA [caption id="attachment_12594" align="alignnone" width="990"] Shutterstock [/caption] WHY VISIT SARAWAK? Because it has established as one of  Malaysia’s largest states, Sarawak is a refuge of natural landscapes with various national parks, nature reserves, wildlife sanctuaries, and dozens of attractions that never cease to...

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Malaysia Will Have 50 Public Holidays in 2019!

But Malaysians Are Not Entitled To All 50 Public Holidays. Most people love holidays. When they hear “holiday”, they will immediately think of getaways from work, and start planning their trips around it. To some people, holidays are a sigh of relief from their hectic,...

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Forest City Legacy Golf Course: A Milestone in Sports Tourism

After much anticipation, Forest City Golf Resort and its Legacy Golf Course finally make their debut on September 1. The RM 1.8 billion (S$598 million) project boasts a top-class golf holiday experience supported by five-star facilities and services. Thus, it is set to redefine golf tourism in order...

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great hotel

3 Essential Features of a Great Hotel

  No matter how often you travel, choosing a great hotel is not something to be taken lightly. Because your choice directly determines whether you’re going to have an enjoyable vacation, or a disappointing one.   There are three types of people. People who go for the 5-star...

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