Make Money from Digital Marketing

Restart your life by learning Digital Marketing

Restart your life by learning Digital Marketing [caption id="attachment_12692" align="aligncenter" width="560"] Make Money from Digital Marketing & Get Rich[/caption] Are you one of those who have been affected by the sudden economic downturn caused by Covid 19 pandemic? Are you worried that you would be the next one...

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ASTAR Scrabble Challenge International (ASCI) 2019 Feature Image

ASTAR Scrabble Challenge International 2019: The Might Of Words

ASTAR Scrabble Challenge International (ASCI) is an annual international project organised by a board of committee which consist of students from the first residential college of University of Malaya in collaboration with Malaysian Scrabble Association (MSA) and World English-Language Scrabble Players’ Association (WESPA). The main objective...

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handyman-quick fix

Quick Fix! 6 Quick Maintenance and Repair Guides For the Working Millennial

Here are a few easiest quick fix solutions for the most common headaches. (Disclaimer though! These easy quick fix solutions mostly aren’t permanent. If your problem is beyond your expertise and the scope covered, chances are, you do need a professional. It sucks to have to pay to...

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