DigitaLah! : Reasons Why You Can’t Perform Well After All These Courses

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DigitaLah! : Reasons Why You Can’t Perform Well After All These Courses

As you might have noticed, digital marketing knowledge (and skills) are getting more and more important every day.

Because most of your customers are now online. Most of the time.

The fact is, having a strong online presence is no longer optional.


Especially if you are in a competitive niche, where the market share gets smaller every day – with your competitors waging price wars… and as more new players enter the market.

That is why you see more and more business owners, entrepreneurs, startup founders, and freelancers flocking to learn digital marketing …

Hoping that they can use the new knowledge to revive their dwindling sales, get more new clients, overtake their competition, and expand their market share.

Unfortunately, amidst this learning frenzy, many are STILL LOST even after attending these digital marketing classes.

Classes that cost them up to thousands of dollars (of their hard-earned money).

If you’re in a similar plight, we understand how you feel.

digital marketing

You are not alone.

Because many of our students and community members (even our colleagues) had been in the same frustrating predicament before …

So what actually went wrong?

From what we gathered, many of the classes out there are mostly theoretical.

And by theoretical, we mean regurgitation of mind-numbing (and sometimes even outdated) information with no useful applications.

On the other hand, there are some classes which are just too technical.

So technical that they overwhelm majority of the students who have no prior experience in digital marketing.

And what’s worse, these poor students have no one to answer their burning questions… or guide them step by step on how to apply what they’ve learned afterward.

In fact, studies have shown that 9 out of 10 attendees for most digital marketing classes face substantial difficulties in grasping the concepts and skills taught in the classes.

This means 9 out of 10 students walk away with almost nothing but a lighter wallet (and most probably a broken heart too).

To be honest, that is truly sad. And ridiculous.

At least that is what we feel.

Therefore, we have decided to take up the gauntlet and create something to end all these problems. Once and for all.

digital marketing

Something we call the Digitalah Community.

Don’t be fooled by the quirky Malaysian-slang name though …

This is a SERIOUS community aimed to achieve one thing, and one thing only.

To empower everyone (business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, students, and even stay-home moms) – to acquire effective digital marketing knowledge and skills together … to grow and prosper the digital way.

So how is that going to happen?

Firstly, when you join the GoDigitalah Community, you get instant direct access to our core digital marketing team (including our coaches).


Yes, you read that right.

This means you can ask us directly for advice on digital marketing – whether it is about SEO, Facebook Marketing, lead generation, sales funnel, or anything at all.

So that you can get instant clarity on the steps to take in your action plan to grow and succeed in your business or career.

digital marketing

Secondly, you’ll get valuable network opportunities with successful business owners, entrepreneurs, trainers, startup teams, and solopreneurs from different industries …

If you are in business, this means unlimited opportunities for strategic collaboration, partnership, investment, and more …

If you are a student, or you are looking for a career switch, this means unlimited job opportunities for you.

*Hint: We are hiring too!

Last but not least … by joining the Digitalah Community, you’ll gain instant access to our exclusive “Digitalah Marketing Vault”.

This is where you can access all our WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction).

Just kidding …

We mean our battle-tested digital marketing strategies, tools, and resources that we use to help our clients double, triple, and even 10X their business revenues.

They are ALL YOURS. No kidding.

Because like we mentioned earlier, it is our mission to empower you to grow and prosper the digital way. TOGETHER.

As the saying goes : If you want go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Contact us today to learn more about the Digitalah Community – and how it can transform not just your career, business, but also your life!

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